How Can a Baby Boomer Find More Happiness?

How Can a Baby Boomer Find More Happiness?

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Remaining happy as you age is an important way to maintain mental and physical health, leading to a longer life. One of the largest age groups in the world are individuals in their fifties or over who are called baby boomers. Baby boomers live all over the world working in various occupations or enjoying retirement. Many baby boomers are now entering the retirement years when their lives are gradually shifting to a different lifestyle with more free time for other pursuits. While working long hours each day, raising families and caring for homes, a baby boomer may have put their own happiness on the back burner. With additional free time, baby boomers are now trying to determine what makes them happy on a day-to-day basis.


Staying Connected with Family and Friends

While becoming older, many baby boomers find it challenging to remain connected to family members such as adult children who move away. However, there are other ways to stay connected besides face-to-face contact. With modern technology such as computers, families can communicate easily. In addition, inexpensive cellphone plans make it possible for families to talk frequently despite living far apart. As a person ages and has more free time, they may seek out old friends from high school or college by attending class reunions. While reconnecting with old friends is healthy, at the same time it is important to not dwell on the past too much, leading to avoiding the present or future.


This is a Great Time to Learn New Things

With more people living into their nineties and beyond, a baby boomer has many years of life left to begin new careers, enjoy hobbies or travel. There are people in their sixties and seventies who are returning to community colleges and universities to study coursework for a new occupation or favorite hobby. If you have always wanted to take a painting class, learn about astronomy or research ancestors, then there are classes available at online or brick-and-mortar colleges. Attending a class with other people is an energizing experience while also keeping your brain synapses active. Older people struggling to pay for college classes should contact schools about reduced price or free coursework offered to seniors who have retired from their jobs.


Moving to a New Location that Energizes You

Many baby boomers are still living in the homes where they raised their families due to its wonderful memories. In many cases, this house is filled with possessions and requires an enormous amount of maintenance. Children have grown up and moved away, leaving a baby boomer responsible for cleaning the interior of a home and caring for lawns. A home might be cluttered with stuff, including adult children’s old clothing, toys and bedroom furniture. The home may be too large, leading to expensive utility bills for air-conditioning and heating. Many baby boomers choose to get rid of excess possessions while making plans to move to a new location to increase their happiness during the retirement years.


Learn to Live in the Present Moment

Baby boomers with too much free time may begin to dwell on disappointments from their past. This can lead to depression and lethargy with someone avoiding finding enjoyment today. Because retired people may no longer need to follow a regular schedule due to work and family responsibilities, they may spend too much time watching television or sleeping all day. By making a daily plan with activities such as going to an exercise facility or volunteering at a hospital, one has something to look forward to each day. Having a scheduled routine leads to helping to increase mental and physical functions that are vital for overall happiness.


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