Jingle, Jingle! Loving the Holidays While Single

Jingle, Jingle! Loving the Holidays While Single

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With families sending out picture-perfect Christmas cards and couples snuggling close to avoid the winter winds, the togetherness of the holiday season sometimes serves to make singles feel lonely. Pestering questions from nosy friends and relatives make matters all the more frustrating for those of us who aren’t currently in committed relationships.


Are you feeling blue about being single this December? If so, you might just need to change your perspective! Being single and free definitely has its perks. Here are just a few reasons to embrace being unattached this holiday season.


1.) You can treat yourself to something amazing!

With a new partner often comes a plethora of additional holiday costs. On top of purchasing presents for a new flame, you might have had to find gifts for the rest of his family. Being single saves you a significant chunk of change. Take this money and invest in your own well-being instead! Go on a weekend road trip or enjoy a day filled with massages and spa treatments. Buy yourself all of the gifts on your wishlist. If you do things right, you’ll get everything you wanted for the holidays!


2.) You can forget complicated compromises.

When you’re married or in a committed relationship, the holiday season can get complicated. Whose family will serve dinner on Christmas Eve, and who on Christmas Day? Families often live in different parts of the country, making travel an expensive logistical nightmare. If you were in a relationship, you might have to sit through the tedious holiday parties of your significant other’s friends! As a single, you can pick and choose the family you’ll see and the parties you’ll attend. Enjoy making these independent decisions for yourself!


3.) You can indulge in holiday traditions both new and old.

Did you have a favorite holiday tradition as a child, such as baking with a beloved family member or watching a particular film? Repeat these comforting traditions this holiday season and create a few new rituals and memories of your own. Do something wild, like traveling to the tropics during Hanukkah, or create a new tradition, like dressing up as Mrs. Clause and treating your neighbors to homemade baked goods. Take the time to tailor this holiday season to your own personal tastes.


4.) You can have a fun holiday fling! 

There’s no rule stating that you have to remain single and chaste during the holidays! Feel free to let yourself go during the winter festivities. Reconnect with an old fling from your hometown or double-down on your digital flirting. Lure a lucky lady or gent under the mistletoe after a holiday party. Feel free to make a bad decision or two. You can always blame it on the eggnog!


5.) You can avoid awkward and annoying interactions.

If you find yourself feeling glum about your relationship status, take a moment to pause and reflect on the holiday hassles that your singleness has exempted you from. Instead of cringing through an awkward introduction to your partner’s drunk cousin, you can simply relax around your own family’s holiday dinner table. Rather than biting your tongue when your sweetheart eats the last of your favorite holiday chocolates, you can simply keep the box on your nightstand. When we take off our rose-colored glasses, it’s easy to see that being single leads to far more hassle-free holidays! 


6.) You can actually reconnect with friends and family. 

When you’re in a new relationship, you’re often too starry-eyed to pay attention to anyone besides your beloved. This holiday season, take the time to reconnect with the other important people in your life! Schedule a girls’ weekend with your sister and her daughter or go on a hiking trip with one of your best friends. Savor the opportunity to spend time with the people who will always be there for you. Simply put, you don’t need a lover to be loved.


7.) You can simply be.

Being single during the holidays offers you the opportunity to simply do the things you want to do. Instead of cooking an elaborate meal for a partner, you can treat yourself to breakfast for dinner. Sleep in, watch your favorite TV shows, or take a long, hot bath. Instead of fretting about morning breath, a 5 o’clock shadow, or looking good in holiday lingerie, you can simply relax! There’s no one you need to impress.



In Conclusion:

If you find yourself feeling lonely this month, take a moment to reflect on all of the freedoms that come with being single and unattached. Treat yourself to your favorite comforts and indulgences and simply relax. This holiday season, celebrate yourself. You deserve it!



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