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Nowadays being over 50 is by no means considered to be old. It is the prime of life! It can mean a fresh new start, a new beginning. However as we get older it can get increasingly hard to meet new friends who share our common interests and hobbies. Many of you over 50 may also have divorced or separated, the kids have already grown up and no longer around so you might feel lonely and find yourself with lots of free time. Though the willingness may be there to meet new people and do new things, it is not always easy to know how or even where to start. But it doesn't have to be that way!

The most important thing the internet offers is that it connects people. It fosters new relationships, and perhaps even more importantly, new kinds of relationships. Finding a connection with someone who shares your passion for outdoor sports, investment, photography or reading is always an exciting thing to do. 50plus-Club is an online community for seniors and people over 50. Here you can chat, find new friends and connect with like minded seniors to share and fuel your interests. In our forums you can socialize and discuss a variety of topics. Whether you're looking for love or new friends you'll find them on

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