Love the classics! Cary Grant......Father Goose
Cary Grant...... Operation Petticoat
Hello,,,,sorry about this response,, I have a strange aura about me.... My fav movie(s) are the Rob Zombie ones,,,,, "house of a thousand corpses" and the sequel "the devil rejects",.
Enjoy life !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
odd person lol
Funny, amazingly observant, poignant, witty and cheesy in equal doses. Nora Ephron remains on my list of people I would have loved to have met.
Sadly she died in 2012. But Nora, I have watched the film many times and while Billy and Meg clearly played it beautifully, you gave them the inspiration. J x
A lot of good movies listed here, however for me, I love action/comic book movies, especially the Marvel movies.

To see the superheroes that I read and loved as a kid come to life on the big screen, was completely awesome for me. I loved the comic books as a kid, and am just as amazed by the FX in the movies.

All time favorite: Avengers
Kate and Leopold, a romantic comedy; hysterical. I loved the character of Leopold; his manners, chivalry, courtship, a man of grace, poise and integrity. Just the man I'm looking for :D :D

(And Hugh Jackman is very easy on the eyes)!!
1941, Blast from the past, Danny Deckchair.
Rosemary's Baby