Chanson Acadienne.   :)      "Jervais - Le Dépanneur"     "Family of the year - Hero"   "10,000 Maniacs - Because the Night"     "She Thinks my Tractor's Sexy - kenny Chesney"
France Gall - Ella Elle L'a song will be from Germany :wink: Good night :wink:
Here's one of my All-Time-Favorites..... the german version of Temptation's Papa was a rolling stone......

Stefan Gwildis - Papa will da nicht mehr wohn'

The story is a bit different from the Tempation's version..... he tell's a story about the german wall-fall in 1989, Papa did'nt want to live in former GDR, because he was a spy for the GDR and has a problem now....
Please enjoy the good band and the voice of Germany's soul-voice No.1..... and the crowd in Hamburg-Stadtpark :wink:     Chanson Acadienne...   Tim McGraw - Just to See you Smile.      Coeur de Camionneur.