I have learned that Yoga with the focus fitness is the oldest and best of structured exercise. The coordinated deep breathing with the poses/exercises is most important. Also, doing the stretches slowly and sustaining the poses longer gradually is what strengthens. Relaxation techniques and meditation techniques added to a good quality total body fitness approach is one of the best things a person can do for themselves, specially as we age. I know from experience and having had back surgury when I was a young woman, that there is nothing like Yoga to help strengthen your back and joints. I took up teacher training of Yoga a few years ago so as I will never stop doing it and by helpingn others am also helping myself. I got off track several times over the years and never want to do so again. Currently, I teach one class a week doing a complete body, mind and soul workout. I try to start each day with some stretches and poses before I even get out of bed and do bits and pieces of my full program throughout the day. Find a good teacher and give it a try, specially if you think your hips and back need some help! You will have nothing to lose and much gain. --- Namaste!
great work indeed, well done, wud lov to be as disciplined as that.  what yoga exercises can u do before u actually get out of bed, tku

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tku so mch for taking such time and consideration in ur reply,   so helpful, where do u teach, r u in ireland
I have never actually considered "Yoga". This might be possibly because it comes over more as a female thing than male. Another reason may also be is that when I think of "Yoga "  I think of very fit supple people making moves that even Houdini would have difficulty performing, such as putting your legs behind your head.

 I have to say "Joyfully" you put in a very good advertisement for trying this activity.

In the last year I have tried "Tia Chi" but bailed after the first lesson as I couldn't understand the teacher. In the lesson though there was an aspect that I found encouraging and that was that there were quite a few people in the senior age group participating. I see this as positive and the way to go.

Unfortunately I have not perused the "Tia Chi" any further but have maintained the occasional punishing workout on a cross trainer in an attempt to keep the weight down.  
yoga is great, but you should add to it some cardio and weight. As we age, we loose muscle tissue and weight baring excs are very important here. I've done yoga for several years and now trying to do more weight  and cardio, cardio, cardio

I just came across this post about yoga - and I only joined the site yesterday.

I have been teaching yoga for a few years locally in London.  I won't add my URL in case that breaches posting rules.  

Initially I combined my one hour class with about 25 minutes of various exercises, some with weights, but have now dispensed with the exercises mostly and kept the yoga plus say 10 minutes of core strength exercises.  It's hard to find a balance but it is important to build up core strength.  Some people appreciate the relaxation phase, some prefer to do something else!  I always have soothing music in the background.

I hope this helps you.

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First of all let me state that all forms of "exercise" do something. Yoga falls into "range of motion" group. It is excellent to keep joints and limbs free and mobile. It is also excellent to reduce stress and refocus. Now the downside. Traditional yoga is not cardio and is not geared for weight loss. You must elevate the heart rate. The first twenty minutes will burn all stored calories. Twenty one minutes on will burn stored fat. Yes that pesty fat we are trying to lose. There is a program called water zumba, that takes elements from yoga and transfers it to water. In water even if you dont do anything but walk, your muscles are reacting to the resistance of the water and in effect you are working out. Yoga is a wonder program, but it is still range of motion. It is what I would do before or after a cardio workout. I have seen a few programs that combine yoga and cardio, but make sure the cardio is the majority of the program. If all you desire is to make sure your joints and muscles move freely, I would recommend yoga.
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