i Never said we MAY be staying,
I said we MAY not be going to stay,
I think staying MAY be bad for us,
I Know going May be worse for us,
But we must do what the PPL decided,
Tho now they want to change that decision,

Don't blame me Scrumm, I voted for Foghorn Leghorn.
silly boyz
Oh Brexit, Brexit,
Oh Brexit, Brexit,
You put your right leg in, Left Leg out,
In Out, In Out, Shake em all about,
You do the Brexit and turn it all about,
Oh Brexit, Brexit Brexit,

This is nearly as comical as Trump's wall,
He said the wall worked for China,
You dont see many South Americans in China,
LOL you think Trudeau ll. gave him that idea? :lol:

Oh wait! What about the Berlin Wall, see what happen to it? :roll:

Well maybe it's about the Mexican Drug Cartels? No walls here for them.... OH wait, what is this wall all about? :lol:

But didn't Obama started that wall and didn't finish it? OH wait a minute, that wall wasn't Trudeau ll idea after all. So how can Trump call it his wall? His wall really??? Does he own America? Is that wall being paid out of his pocket? Hmmm, so who's wall is it? :P
They are the alternate walls,
Like Jericho, everybody knows Jericho
is Spanish for New Joisy.
New what? :lol:
Well Today's the day, We are definitely leaving,
Oh Oh, Looks like were staying, That crowd in Northern Ireland,
Always want their own way, Dont worry Teresa , we have your back,
Good Bye Teresa, See you around.
Pft, Now the Scots are on about fishing rights,
Let hem eat Haggis, shortbread watever,
Whose idea was it to leave in the first place,
Nigel's, Boris, we cant blame those two, Who can we blame,
I Know, lets blame the French and the Irish,
No one cares what they think.
Well its nearly done, All we need now is Deal or no Deal,
Where's Noel when hes needed, chatting to trees somewhere,
The DUP are kinda pi...d off, They know only a few words,
Since vote was taken, we had 2 referenda and a PRES election here,
all without a hitch, We even had the Pope here,
OK, that was a bit of a damp squib, nobody went and the church lost money,
Wha ,who's gonna pay so, not me maybe they could ask the DUP.
At First I was afraid, I Was petrified,
Kept Thinking i could never live without you by my side,

Way to go PM, If you are convinced as you say,

And I grew strong, and i learned how to get along,
I Will Survive, I Will Survive,

And lets not 4get Big G,
Norwich on Top.
Where have all the Tories gone,
Long time passing
Never mind were still standing,
As the saying goes, You can please some of the PPL some of the time,
and a bird in the hand, gathers no moss, watever,

BTW, Ireland beat The All Blacks tonight,
So chin up PM, cos were gonna help u.
Scrummy,, read all of your posts here,, I am lost at sea tho .................all i know is xoxoxo to you !!!!
Hey Syl, Nice of you to drop in, (next time bring cake)
Do Not be worried about being a little lost, Ive been lost for years,
And its totally cool, I love it, i hope im never found,
Poor UK are in limbo, They are supposed to leave EU in March,
and they cant find a suitable exit, So this is about that,
How are things with you, I had surgery earlier this yr,
so no travel , I went to U2 concert last week, Im not a fan
but i was given a tkt, and AER LINGUS had a sale last wk,
So i bought 2 return trips to US, only 800bux, So that was pretty awesome,
(Im practicing my US accent)
Hugs n stuff BW.
Well its nearly there, Only obstacle now is
UK Parliament who BTW introduced it all,
We wait with fingers , toes , Ts crossed whatever,
Will 50+ be broken up as well, it will all depend
on this Bus stop, Full stop, Back stop, (those bloody irish)
Wiss it pass or will the House of Cards collapse.