I found this on Facebook and thought I would share:

If the Wrong Man was honest, this is what he would say to you...
I only pay you compliments to get you to lower your guard;
I need time..... time to fill your head with all the things you want to hear.
I'll never love you, but I'll act like I do just long enough to get everything I want
from you.
Deep down inside you know I'm wrong for you, but my words and my act are so
strong that you ignore your intuition even when I slip up.
Now, I've got you right where I need you to be.... ignoring what you know is
best for you and already making excuses for me.
This is right on, exactly right to the point. :x
The only thing is that woman are getting wise and not fallen for that BS anymore so it is not as easy anymore.
Losers with a capital L..
Often referred to as gaslighting!
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This is right on! No compromises
I get ya. After being widowed from a 21year happy marriage I met this neighbor at the pool
I didn't know what a narcissist was but he followed the playbook exactly.
Idealize, devalue, discard.
Gaslighting, temper tantrums over nothing. Insulting me cruelly followed by "Just kidding. You're sooo sensitive"
Four months of that. Now. Months after a seven month silent treatment he wants to he friends. I keep walking.
Ugh. Beware out there.