This group is open to anyone in the UK. Scotland, Wales or England, I also welcome members from the Irish Isles to join in, both North and South.

The idea behind this group is to arrange meeting points so that you can have the opportunity to meet friends you have made on this site and share some sociable activities in the real world.

I am happy to arrange the events, but this is your platform to suggest activities and locations where we can meet.

Post your suggestions below and let's get this party started.

I look forward to meeting you all.

Is anybody in this group into camping, just thinking of ideas for meeting up
love camping
Camping trip can be arranged anyone willing to make a suggestion for location and date? :D :idea:
Just joined and looking for friendship Im in the south East I Love Camping but depends were your thinking and as a dog owner would be great to be able to bring.
Camping might be off the cards for this late in the year but nothing stopping a little forward planning for the Spring,
Dog Friendly sites of course
Hi..I live in southend and would be interested in meet ups.
Hi Chas,
I am sure we can arrange something in you corner of the earth. If you have any suggestions on events locally that might appeal to the group members we can try and co ordinate a meet up.
post your suggestions here maybe someone else local to you may also have options for potential venues.
Central UK ?. That is rather a large lump of land. Could you be a little more specific ?
Central UK is exactly as it sounds - not North of England, not the South, not the West and not the South.

My terminology envelopes Birmingham and the Midlands, Nottingham, Leicester, Derby, Sheffield and perhaps Manchester.

It is strategically impossible to set up groups in each town unless someone is prepared to take it on.