It's always interesting to read about words used in different country's that have a different meaning.

A example would be as simple as the Loo which as I understand it is the toilet .
here we call it washroom, When I was in London, England, I ask the waitress what time it was, she pointed me to where the "WaterCloset" imagine my thought of a water in a closet like clothes, so I was afraid to open it.. turn out to be a washroom like here....So tell me how she got time out of waterclose? :shock:

Just had to share this story :wink:

Anno = I know
ah.. the wonderful English language..

I asked the maid, in dulcet tone, to order me a buttered scone, but now the silly girl has gone and ordered me a buttered scone. (RIP Alan Coren)

I tend to use funetix, too, for i.e.

ano = I know
anat = and that
analat = and all that