This is a easy dish all kids love pizza great thing about this dish there is NO recipe you make it how you Like it I will give you mine you change it from there.

1 pound of Hamburger I pound ground Italian sausage,Chopped Pepperoni diced onions green red peppers 1/2 cup each.Sliced green olives with pimentos in middle sliced black olives 1/2 cup each.Sliced fresh mushrooms Pillsbury Crescent rolls two tubes Shredded Mozzarella Cheese pizza sauce can or jar your call on this.

First off saute all your veggies until just shy of crisp so tender but not cooked all the way remember there is baking involved :D .remove same pan cook off all your meat should look like your making big pan of sloppy Joe's drain off grease add back in veggies start with one can of pizza sauce if it don't like like its enough add more but two would be way to much that's why jar works best.mix all together and then let cool down for next step.Large baking pan poor in and level out meat mixture top this off to cover with Mozzarella Cheese.Open Crescent rolls and lay them across the cheese two tubes placed side by side usually covers pan perfect.Now Bake at 350 for about 12 to 14 minutes just when Crescent start to brown remove from oven cover with more Mozzarella Cheese place back in oven and let cook another 5 to seven min or till cheese gets that nice golden brown take out of oven let stand for 8min then cut it the same way you would Lasagna

Again this is how I make it you can make cheese Burger pizza,Hawaiian,Vegetarian only required ingredients is the pizza sauce and crescent rolls after that let your imagination run wild and your Grand Babys will love this I promise that's why I can't wait to have some to give me a excusse to make this more often :P
sounds good ....I am going to make for my grandkids next week....thanks for sharing....
let me know who it turns out
yum yum
This looks yummy, very simple and easy to store leftovers. Who doesn't like pizza, just happens to be my favorite food. Thanks for sharing!