Whatever you think of this girls essay, I applaud the paper for printing this,we so often ask ourselves why our children do what they do if they go off the rails..
but do we ever listen if and when they finally answer? 

http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/artic ... d=11473616
No, they didn't listen, they heard and offered a knee-jerk reaction to remove her from school so they could do what, devise a suitable punishment? I think she did a great job of exposing the biggest problem with public education (if indeed this is a pubic school).

I had a similar experience that ended much better while in 8th grade with a math teacher rushing through formulas. One I didn't understand, raised my hand and told him to have him say, "Well just keep moving forward". What good will that do me? He backed up and reviewed the formula again. After class, while students were leaving he thanked me for what I said, admitting that I was right. He was conscientious enough to be the good teacher.

But that was 45 years ago. Today, there are no good answers as to the how and why of education's decline in quality. In high school, several years later, I'd take a Modern Problems class that taught the things this girl feels she is missing, the real life "how do I" things, balancing a checkbook, filling out a tax return, understanding insurance and many other useful life skills. Classes like those no longer exist.

It's not just an issue in NZ. I suspect it's more a global issue. Here in the States it's become political and many feel our children are being dumbed down. Are we really creating a world where vast numbers of kids will grow up never finding their successful niche in life?
Thanks for your response Joce
I agree with you,partly to blame for this is also the overload on the curriculum for students today and teachers trying to fit it all in, an example...
As an adult I decided many years ago to put my toe into the university pool and try it out, I I think I did a semester,I really loved it,but at the time I wasn't able to carry on and put it on hold..several years later I returned, only to find the work load had increased 25% So instead of 3 papers a semester it had increased to 4 papers.
My son who had been an "A" student most of his student life failed in his last year,through similar things this girl pointed, a change in the system, plus a couple of foreign teachers that couldn't speak English so it was impossible to communicate with them.
Then my other son who has Aspergers got through college successfully with lots of help from the school (he went to a different  college to my younger one) and went on to University.His problem was doing subjects he was terrible in but that the system insists they have to do (his other subjects ,sciences and maths ,he was an "A" student).Why is that when a pupil can be brilliant in a area and could go on to  be a productive person in that area, they can miss out on further education because they have to pass compulsory subjects they aren't good at? 
Luckily in his case they had a special alternative that was really basic and he just scraped through and uni was brilliant in accommodating his situation 
There are restraints and policies that teachers must follow. Ciriculums must be adhered to, starting from Day One with "I pledge alliegence to the flag..." every morning (like at age 5 I knew what the hell alliegence meant).

It's no wonder more and more parents are opting for the home-schooling method - and having remarkable results.

Personally, in school, the only subjects I cared about were creative writing, computers and a bit of science. After high school I began to have interest develop and began enjoying learning things on my own.

Let kids be kids. Teach then the three R's and how to play nicely with each other. Take them to museums to learn history - REAL history. But don't shackle them to classes they have little or no interest in. They'll figure that out on their own.

Teach your children well... (CSN&Y)

I've added the speech as it has been taken out of the article since I posted it,and Fishy ,love csn &y its the old hippie in me..we used to have to sing "God save the queen" every morning!!! 

As many of you know I recently got suspended from school. Here is what for:

 We were given the task to write a persuasive speech about something that your had a strong opinion about. I originally had planned to do a speech about animal cruelty but the night before I decided to change it to a topic I truly felt passionate about. The school system and teachers. I do understand that this is not everyone's cup of tea but it is mine, and that's why I did it, for me. After I presented my speech my teacher left the class looking rather sad. The next day I came home from school to my father telling me that I was suspended for my speech (he didn't even know anything about it). My dean had told him because I was too controversial they did not want me back at school for at least until he had a meeting with the principle.

 After hearing this news, rather than regretting what I had done, I was more proud. Proud that someone had heard my voice. But also I am angry. I thought New Zealand was a country with freedom of speech?? What grounds do the school stand on for suspending me. If you don't think you will like what I'm about to say, simply don't read it. But this is just my opinion and what I believe. I am proud of this. Here is my speech..

I’m a decently smart kid, with some decently good grades. But sometimes I believe that, with the essays, worksheets and endless amount of study assigned to me each day, that teachers secretly hate me, rather than actually wanting to help me do better. They most likely, if anything really, just do it for the pay check. I’m not saying all teachers do, but the majority of them appear to be that way. I always think about how I do believe school is important however I don’t believe most of the stuff taught there, is. Do I honestly need to know what a= 1+rn to the 2nd power is, go over the treaty Waitangi every year since I was literally 5 or memorize the periodic table in order to get somewhere in life? Do I honestly need to know the structure of a seed and how it works and whatnot? No, I don’t think so. I believe school should, instead, teach us more valuable information that we’ll actually need for our futures.

 In High School, we should be learning about the real world, how to pay my taxes, apply for jobs, mortgage my house, buy a car, things that we will actually use in the future. So far, I’ve only learned that whatever I manage to get done in a short amount of time isn’t enough. What’s that? You did your homework, but didn’t do one question because you found it difficult and you were struggling? Well, there’s a unsatisfactory for homework on your mid term report! Now, that’s just not ok.

What my point is, we all struggle, and work, and stress our selves over things that aren’t important in the long run. Two years after High School, and the majority of the students who’ve graduated have already forgotten anything they’ve learned in the last four years of their school career. Stressing myself over end of year exams, because if I fail, I have my parents on my back, asking me why I didn't try hard enough, my teacher telling me I could have focused harder in class and my peers simply telling me that I’m stupid? Ridiculous.

 I honestly used to love going to school. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and it made me happy to go to school, to meet friends, to learn things that I never knew. But the minute High School starts, it’s either you fly, or you fall. Now I strongly dislike it, and want nothing to do with it.

Some teachers are nice, there are a good few who are genuinely nice and want to help us but it seems that the teachers that are not willing to encourage and help me are all teachers of the subjects I’m not good at and it also happens to be that I don’t enjoy them. It’s unbelievable how some teachers play favorites. They believe you can do better than your best? If they wanted me to do better, wouldn’t they actually help me to understand? they wouldn’t shove more work down my throat and expect me not to have any trouble with it. I’m not saying to treat me special because I struggle in the subject but because I’m a student who would like to learn things by a teacher, and not a book. Actually do the teaching that you were taught and you are paid to do. Don’t just give me worksheets to do and expect me to take a test on the topic 2 days later.

you know….the school system is really screwed up …. We have all these teachers that dont enjoy their jobs and are all angry about the cut backs in their paychecks. Making us feel like complete idiots and making us feel useless. Like it’s our fault that we don’t understand the work! Maybe some of us have just don’t understand it! Or maybe the teacher didn’t teach it very well, but we’re the ones dealing with the consequences of failure.

 It’s teachers like this that make us students want to skip class and not go to school because we think we arent good enough for the certain subject. Like we are stupid and will never understand it…. Teachers are PAID to TEACH us.. not paid to hand out a piece of paper with words on it and sit around and do nothing!!!!!!! I’m not saying all teachers are bad, and I understand that us as students need to make an effort. But our teachers chose this career and need to try to cater for each individuals education.

 We spend 7 hours, 5 days a week, plus extra hours on top of that going over the days work, revision, studying, completing unfinished work and also homework give, working to please every single teacher, the least the could do is have some understanding and simply teach.

There you go. I want my voice to be heard. And I want this to get back to napier girls. So give it a share. Thank you x Like · Share
Education today is so different than that of years ago, we are now competing with other countries that we need to keep up. There are so much to learn today than years ago.

Some students are smarter than the teachers, so who is/are ahead enough to keep up with today's market? So can our parents teach us what we need to learn? Yes some of us can up to a certain level and then after that, we have to learn as well as the child/ren get into higher level of education.

Technology is one thing that has gone so far advance in today's world. I believe in Japan or is it China? They start learning stuff that we learn later on. It is hard to keep up the pace of today's world and it's market. I believe they started education their kids at the age three, or is two? Where as the rest of us, we start learning at the age five. Even in play school, they don't really learn enough, it all about socialization at that age.

So let us be us, let us learn what we want to learn, let us be who we are and what we want to be, as a child, live like a child, as an adult live like an adult. As time changes in our life, we also want to change career as well, some of us have had more than one, some of us stay with one career and retired from it.

When my Grandparents and my parents days, there wasn't much to work for or to have a career like those who have today.

Times changes, life changes, it is up to us if we want to go with that changes or not? We shouldn't be criticize by our statement in what we are learning. It is true that a lot of students are smarter than their educators/instructors/teachers, as my Great Nephew is smarter than his teacher and has been since he been six years old, now he is twelve years old and can still out smart his teachers. Yet his brother who is younger than he is, struggle with education but with help, he can keep up with the pace of today.

Sorry Jaffa, can't read all of your comments as your font it to small, but I am just stating my opinion in Education and today's world.