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I thought  I'd add something to this...
Firstly we can't see inside this families dynamics,which is always a complex thing,but to jeopardise   these childrens future by putting them into an institution, for no other reason than the judge deciding they weren't using free will in making their judgments is incredible.
Personally here  the children's wants are  taken into consideration within reason,surely a softly softly attitude would have gone a lot further.Parents, whether we like it or not are going to involve the children in divorces,but punishing the child is extreme. 
Isn't this horrifying jaffa? That judge must be temporarily insane. Poor children.
There's a little more to this story, they weren't sent to juvenile detention, however the media being what the media is... ... /29964437/ If you google the judge's name, you can find more information.

It appears the divorce situation has been going on for five years at least and obviously no one but the participants know the whole story, but it would appear the mother has been poisoning the children's memories of their father. Or he could be a complete monster, only the couple involved knows the truth. Whatever is going on, the parents of these children need some serious couch time with a psychiatrist. I am thinking as adults, these kids are going to have serious problems.