The shooting of Michael Brown occurred on August 9, 2014, in Ferguson, Missouri, a suburb of St. Louis. Brown, an 18-year-old black man, was fatally shot by Darren Wilson, 28, a white police officer. The disputed circumstances of the shooting and the resultant protests and civil unrest received considerable attention in the United States and abroad, and have sparked debate about Use of Force Doctrine in Missouri ."

"No indictment: Grand jury decides Ferguson Officer Darren Wilson will not face criminal charges in Michael Brown shooting death."

I have been following this news since the August 9th 2014 shooting of Michael Brown. What a sad sad story this is for the Brown Family or any family for that matter. The Brown family feel that officials have not given them justice for the loss of their son. There is so much hatred and violence that continues to grow in this town.

As you can imagine the chaos when news came to the Ferguson community especially to the Brown family that there were no indictment charges for Officer Darren Wilson all hell broke loose. I feel for that community because so much violence took place their last evening and perhaps there will be more this evening. What do you do about violence. They need changes, they also need people who do not live in their town not to come to stir up trouble. Voicing your opinion, coming out to support the Brown family, being angry is normal behaviour but looting, being violent, hurting others is not the way to resolve any situation.

Violence is unacceptable, by looting, by destroying they only hurt themselves and they have done it to themselves so they are no further ahead. I feel for them and they have a right to be disappointed but they have no right to be violent and hurt others along the way. By destroying businesses, they hurt the people that own them and they hurt their livelihoods, by destroying cars especially the police cars that means you the taxpayer gets hit with the charges. They have only made a bad name for their community and destroy tourism, they are no further ahead with their violent actions, they now have hindered their progress to a degree.

As Martin Luther King said:  "Power, at its best, is love implementing the demands of justice; justice, at its best, is love correcting everything that stands against love." -Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

The only way this town is going to heal and move forward is through love, understanding, patience and tolerance. Sure you can demand justice in a respectful way; but be fair in your attempts as two wrongs will never make the situation right. It's now time to learn from this and move forward.  Just some of my thoughts on this volatile subject. Everyone has to do their part: The government of Missouri, the Police Force, etc. need to make changes now.
I also been follow this as well, the problem with USA, they don't have the law to protect anyone in most states or perhaps all of the States and more so in the State of Missouri right now, there are no "Human Rights Act" like we do in Canada. If an officer of Law did some shooting that kill anyone, there is a through investigation. I feel because the white officer gotten away with the shooting incident because the Black people are minority there and there is/are no Justice system to withhold those who are a minority.

Sure Canada have some shooting but I find that the State has more problem there then we do in Canada.

Anyone else up for this debate?
Yes I am well aware that the law there is different than in Canada. I feel for the state but I think it is time for things to change. 

Violence does not solve any situation, not there or here.

It's a story that I have been following and I am curious to hear what others have to say about this story.

As Daisy said anyone up for debate? 
I agree, time for a change, not just in the Law but in other areas, as I always say... there are better ways to solve problems rather than get into trouble.

Not just that one state but in all of the states of USA.?

So yes, it would be interesting to hear other point of views... jump in any time!
I sat for a hour and composed a response to this post. I hit the wrong button and lost it. Maybe that was God sent, because my words where not kind, but they where fact filled and filled in all the blank spots. All I will now say is, Ladies you do not have your facts, research. It is statements like these made without extensive research that fuels the fires. Ladies do not become one of the herd.
I will leave you with this quote bye Booker T. Washington:
"There is a class of colored people who make a business of keeping the troubles, the wrongs, and the hardships of the Negro race before the public. Having learned that they are able to make a living out of their troubles, they have grown into the settled habit of advertising their wrongs-partly because they want sympathy and party because it pays. Some of these people do not want the Negro to lose his grievances, because they do not want to lose their jobs."
Think Al Sharpton, and now think of this not as a race issue but one of Ideology. Not only are the Black Muslim Panthers as well as many other hate groups present, but they stir the pot.
Miss Information
Hi Laurie we have that kind of trouble up here too. So we know where you are coming from. But I think there are better solution to all of this. Like I always say, there are better ways into solving the problem than killing someone. I had a R.C.M.P. officer friend, he went on a call "Domestic Dispute" it turn out to be more than that, somehow he broke his ankle, but the police were able to solve the problem that is all I know, no one was killed, just one injury and he was put on desk duty for the rest of his career.

As for Muslims, also better ways to catch them instead of killing them. But we don't seem to have problems with Muslims, in fact Calgary Mayor is a Muslim, first Muslim Mayor in North American Major City. (Calgary, Alberta, Canada).

I also think of .....Martin Luther King, Jr. How he tried fixing problems. Not to be mean, but to point out some facts, look at all your presidents that were shot? Abe, JFK Garfield, McKinley and take a look at our Prime Minister, has there been any assassination? I believe it is because we have a strong human rights law that help us with problems and having equal rights, yes we have that kind of problem as you do Laurie up here as well, as Canada is a multiculturalism country as well. Our prison is over flowing but once we put in a work shop to help those who are in need. Canada don't have death row, this what make our country free, free of hatred and discrimination. We work with everyone of all race and nationality here. We also have in Alberta "John Howard Society and Lizabeth Fry Society " to help those who are release from Prison. So....Like I said, there are better ways to solve problems than killing someone whether they are right or wrong as we all have that right to correct our mistake and there are ways for it to be corrected.
Lizabeth Fry Society

John Howard Society
Tell me this again if and when you are confronted by a person bent on doing you harm. You have to acknowledge the fact that we are not in Heaven, evil does exist, and force is required at times. We also have churches, organizations that deal with convicts coming out of jail. In fact I work with a ministry called the Hand Up. I work with the sexual offenders, men. This is not understood by my family considering my views on sexual offenders. But a need is filled and the hope a life is changed. I understand that in these offenses only a few percent never re-offend, but its that percent that keeps me doing what I do. I wish i could pick and choose what the Bible says. What you forget is Jesus showed anger when he cleared the Temple. My God is not milk toast, My God is one of action.
Not having the death penalty doesn't set a country free. Its all those that have died with a gun in their hand that did the job to set America free. How do you justify killing in relationship to the bible? There is a difference between murder and killing. Most have forgotten. Killing can be justified, murder is not. Yes the meek will inherit the earth, but its the person that stands up and says no to evil, and fights for that belief, no matter what, will insure the meek are still around. Research what happened to the crime rate and yes the death rate in Australia when they took the law abiding citizens right away to bear arms in 1996. Bottom line is bad things happen to good people all the time. The outcome depends on how you can defend yourself. Your thoughts are misinformed and for a time that doesn't exist. Please become more informed. Again, please do not listen to the sound bites. It is true knowledge will set you free.
Miss Information/Laurie
As we believe in "Catch em while they are young" we have a youth justice system, I was one of the worker for those, help them to teach that there are better ways to live, better ways to earn what you want, yes a good 98% don't re offend.

Yes by not having death row do help in a long run. Many don't like going to prison, as I have met with many that came out of prison and tell me their stories. They don't fear death at all up here, but they do learn and do work shop while in prison as well upon release, not everyone is a sex offender either.

So yes, I have heard stories from both side, the fear of it all, but we have to learn not to allow our fear take control of ourselves.

I do have lots of R.C.M.P. officers, how I made friends with them all is that one of my friend husband is an officer, when I am there having coffee and sometimes her husband would come home from work to change his clothes as back then, they were all wool uniform and July being the hottest month of the year and him not being impress of these situations, but he tells me how they handle all cases, even when a gun is aim at you they have ways of handling the situation.

I watch officer being brave while there was an angry dog, I am sure he was fearful, but he stood there as calm as he can be, it was a complaint about a dog bite, but this dog didn't bite him at all, as he kept himself calm so the dog calm down as well.

No,,, it is because of our human rights laws that what make our country free, freedom of speech, free of hatred and discrimination and free of death.

I know this gentleman as he is a son in law to one of my friend, so I know the family. I knew Will Rempel was trouble, but no one believe me. So he never got the help he needed and everyone believe in his story as it sound so good

This crime started awhile back, when Ryan Lane was murder, they arrested him on that murder as well as he was charge with Child porn on his cell phone. This was a long investigation but the police found a way to catch the three of them. It cost the system over a million dollar. ... te-matter/ ... l-in-2016/

I believe the trial is in May of 2015, I will learn more when the time of date is near the trail date.

Will is the fella that is wearing the grey hoodie and his sister in law is behind him. Sheena Husband was out of town, but he turn himself in to the police where he was working and then they arrested Sheena in Crossfield a town just north of where I live and then Will in the city where I live, Will use to live very close to me, but I didn't let fear get in the way.

just re reading your statement here.. in terms of killing and bible, there are lots of killing in the bible, right from the book of Genesis where Cain and Abe fought. Joshua fought after Mose lost his right to go to the promise land, yup lots of killing in the bible.
Excuse me Star, this is not facing a life or death situation. You where not confronted by a person with a weapon intent on doing you bodily harm. When you have, I will then listen to your thoughts on this subject.
Sound like you have Laurie? Oh ya I have been confronted with a weapon. But I didn't let fear take control of me, it is the excitement of fear that they are aiming at, and if you don't show fear then they loose that excitement and give up. As I said previous of an R.C.M.P. officer that got wounded on the line of duty, there were deadly weapon there too, but they handle the case with care and caution and like I said, don't show fear as that is what they are looking for.
I dont know why I just dont give up ...and not do "stupid" anymore. So I will stop doing "stupid" and wish you a good day Star.
PS....I addressed a few things in my response to your post Star. Amazing the first thing not responded to was my thoughts on Christ and God. No matter, again, enjoy your day. To me this subject is closed.
Glad you are giving up, as I state my statement of my experience and don't condemn or judge anyone.
You too LadyL have a great day and keep on smiling.
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