It's said that we can really only like things and love people. I beg to differ. There are certain things out there that I'd much rather do or spend my time with than some of the people I've come across in my life.

But it's all in fun. :P

Just like the Living Room Game that I posted a few days ago, this one works the same way. In alphabetical order, list something you love other than another person. I'll start with A, the next person to post starts with B, the next with C, and so on.

bled 2.jpg
Bled (Slovenia)
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COORS LIGHT !!!!!! lol,, had to say it
ENCHILADAS !!!!!!! (green)
French-Fries :)
Ice cream
IPA beer ? (indian pale ale)
Two I's? what happen to J? BW :lol:
Jelly Beans

The next letter would be? :P Or are we playing scrabble? :lol:
Lolly Pops

(raspberry, to be precise) :P
Macadamia Nuts. (chocolate covered the best :) )
Nutter Butters

(best cookies in the world) 8)