I'd love to go on a cruise in Northern Europe next year ---after we have a vaccine for Covid!
I do not wish to share a cabin with anyone, but would love to travel with friends.
Anyone interested?
I will most likely be travelling alone.
How about a transatlantic cruise across to Europe next Summer?
How about a tour of the Norwegian fjords?
Anyone interested?
Crossing over to Europe on a freighter I would find more interesting than traveling in a "floating city". :D
I like comfort!
Especially when I'm on vacation... :lol: :lol:
I had my 2 shots but would prefer a cruise in the Caribbean, or a NE Cruise going to Boston, and a few other ports but round trip from NY or NJ. But not till 2022. To much to see in this country before Europe.

But I am also looking for a lady who can drive to take a cross country trek by car. Leave the East coast in June, drive thru the northern states, visit relatives along the way getting to San Fran in August.

Spend time in Calif leaving San Diego in September taking a southern route and getting back to NJ in December