Is there anyone who ever had experiences with weight loss supplements that really work?
Google HCG diet (injected, not pills) I have been on it andlost 33 lbs. in 30 days. It is perfectly safe. Don't believe the sceptics.  
i'll google it. what about garcinia combojia?  
Garcinia Cambogia.....Dr. Oz swears by it...and he knows what he is talking about......

I do not know anyone personally who takes Garcinia Cambogia; however it was given great reviews.:)
I saw this on Dr Oz last week. (Garcinia Cambogia).  I am afraid to try it.  Maybe I will ask my Dr next time I talk to him.
I never have tried Garcinia, but instead I'm taking Raspberry ketons. First because it is something close to normal known berries.  Just make more sense to me.  Well , works good for.  It's not like I'm loosing pounds and pounds,  but my weight is very stable now without starving myself to death. Try to start with this product
Each year we hear of a new breakthrough on weight loss. We are told this supplement will help or that one. We are dragged all over the place for the search for the perfect non painful road to weight loss. As with phen phen in the 80's that killed so many, we still look for the quick fix. But as with all things it comes down to one thing. Moderation, moderation, moderation. I was home bound for four months, and in that time I gained the first weight I have gained in eight years. I indulged myself with food and was happy to do so. It is interesting to note, we do have a lot of fun gaining the weight. But then we fight, we fuss, we groan, and we yell when we have to again take that weight off. We want the quick fix, the pill, the shake, the food bar, that one thing that will take away the weight but still leave the pleasure behind. Do you not think if that was out there they would not have found it by now? Dieting is a multi-billion dollar market each year. Bottom line peeps, when you eat less food you will lose weight. So start by cutting out the second helping. Nothing else. As you go along refine, reorganize, and remake your diet. But remember to include those things you crave. If you cut them out, with the thought you will have them when you reach your weight goal, you will fail, and in failing,gain the weight back plus more.One more thing, if you cheat, if you fail, get right back up and try again. Believe me, this works.
I lost a huge amount of weight in a very short time in India, few years back
Contracted Berri Berri, which soon shifted the weight - long nights of sitting alone in the kazzi with nothing but a 2 year old copy of the radio times, but by god it was worth it.
Could have been fatal, did lose a lot of hair and was on a drip for a while – but you have to take the pain to lose the gain as I always say:o))
I really don't need any supplement/supplements for weight loss, with the big T dinner last night, I loss 3 lbs!
Ok, well I was not intending to diet but I started a fast of water only for seven days and wanted to go longer but was very hungry so I switched to a Daniel diet of vegetables. I would buy raw vegetables and blend them or put them in my juicer. I did this for 27 days. I went from 230lbs to 183lbs. I now stay away from dairy and meats but treat those like a treat, once or twice a month. I have been at 185 lbs for 7 years now. Of course I am also exercising with minor lifting and walking.