It's not hard.  I have never held a 9 to 5 job.  I run a successful business and a few smaller businesses on the side.  I'm selling and retiring at 50.
What sort of busines(es) do you own/run? I was self-employerd for over 20 years before and never found it easy - fun, yes - but not "easy". So I'm curious...
My personal experience is as follows and if you don't have any of those qualifications you employ a person to fill that requirement.
In order to succeed in business one requires Charm, Finesse, Looks, and Knowledge. They all go hand in hand . One is not enough must have ALL. Contacts are important but the first 4 will generate the contacts if one is willing.

You also must have a good market audience. Police force for example buys a lot of stuff if you can get in as an approved supplier it could be a piece of cake. A friend of mine supplies helicopter engines as well as repairing them, and that is a lucrative market for him. They also buy a lot of consumables too. Consumable are regular business and always require replenishing.

In order to get approvals you must do a lot of things and obtain qualifications. That is not so easy. Police is not just the only market, security firms, even electrical engineering companies use a lot of consumables. Image



So, share with us your skills!
I'm a businessman and run a small company in the suburbs. In my opinion, the government should definitely support small businesses as well as big businesses, but unfortunately, we can see diametrically opposed positions. It's kinda sad, and the only heart-warming thing is the presence of special organizations helping to protect civilian rights, such as for example.