The City Told Her To Cut Down Her Rotting Tree. This Is How She Responded

 Everett, Wash. resident Sara Sanders bought her turn of the century home because of the towering cedar in the front yard. When the city told her it had to go, she was devastated. But instead of turning it into piles of firewood, Sara found a unique and unusual way to commiserate this wonderful old tree. ... =video&c=y

I've noticed a bit tired of all the bad new in the world.
So I've decided to concentrate just on the good.  :D
Hi Richard..
Love it..something that will keep on giving...
My parents had a small holding  in the Tararua's ,up in the  Otaki Gorge, beside a river..


When it came time for some trees to be felled.  He got  parents of the small local school in to chop them down and cut them up  for free..
Dad kept half for firewood and the rest went to the school to sell as firewood 

He also donated his yacht to the local Sea scouts (Mum wasn't so impressed with that one lol) 
I gather it was all out of good will, not a hint to get a new yacht? :wink:
How absolutely fabulous! Thanks for sharing Richard.
That is very very cool. Kudos to a forward thinking lady. IMAGINE!! is an extremely strong word. It wakes up the mind, it challenges the mind and it keeps the mind young.

So let's imagine what we all can do to help each other and to help our world.


Ty for sharing Richard
Great posting!  'nuff said.   :D

Very creative and thanks for the post Richard