Spring Gardening, my flower garden needs lots of work this spring. I didn't put my flower bed to rest this past fall. But I did order some Butterfly plants and hummingbird plants. They will arrive in the spring for planting. My strawberry plant's are doing fairly well in my pots in my basement. Hoping that they will do well when I bring them back outside this spring. Every year my neighbors on either side of me spray their lawn to get rid of weeds. My yard every year bloom in dandelions, clover, and wild violets. I do want the bumblebees to have food to feed on. I do have several bird feeders that I try to keep filled. And it it is okay if the squirrels get a few meals from the feeders. That is one feeder I don't have yet. So I will enjoy the rest of the winter with snow covering the ground, and the plants and weeds in hibernation. Knowing that there is no grass to cut or weed's to pull.
I don't know what they are, but I love the idea of hummingbird plants! I ordered some shrubs 4 weeks ago and am still waiting for them. I desperately want them in the ground ready to start blloming as soon as it turns warm. But none of them are hummingbirds!
Hummingbird mint is what I will be planting this spring.
I have hollyhocks growing every year, and the hummingbirds, bees, and butterflies like them. I also hang a hummingbird feeder, but have not seen more than 4 or 5 in this area. Petunias are also a great flower for attracting hummingbirds etc.
I enjoy listening to the sounds of singing birds in my garden :D :)
You should post some pictures! It sounds like you have a beautiful garden! I'm really happy when I'm seeing other people that are sharing my passion. One day, I was looking at this forum for the best fertilizer for knockout roses and I've managed to find some really good suggestions. Helping others, especially in this domain, is crucial because you can't know everything about every plant. My plan is to extend my garden and start planting some fruit trees. Money is the only obstacle like they're saying, but I know that one day I'm going to achieve this
Hummingbird mint is an excellent plant. It creates a beautiful fragrance in the garden. Place for loquat select sunny, with light, fertile and drained soil, it doesn't tolerate stagnant water. The plant is unpretentious. Care consists of weeding and loosening the soil. One place can grow for five to six years. If you are interested in growing plants, you'll definitely be interested in trimthatweed.com. Hummingbird mint doesn't like the cold. You need to reliably plant it in an elevated bed or bed and prune and cover it before wintering. But in the event of frost, this plant is easy to grow again