As I like to walk about 7 to 10 miles a day and keep myself active, as the weather is drawing in I was thinking about trying out an indoor spinning class at a gym near Fareham.
Might even try a treadmill or rowing machine.

I’m not a bike rider but I’ve heard it’s a good way to keep fit and active.
Anyone have any views or thoughts on this I’d appreciate it.


It is a great way to keep yourself fit during the winter months here, here aways, can't walk when it so icy out :lol: There are apps to learn how to use those machine, but don't forget to do some warm ups, are there indoor tracks?
Hi Daisyjean,

I was thinking of when the winter comes.
The gym has a digital room with quite a few cycle machines in, looks pretty good.

I always warm up and warm down. At my age if I don’t my calves lock up :D

Well, Its cold here. It was 30 F last night. Time for indoor activities.
It cold here too, woke up this morning with a bit of snow on the deck, to early for that!
Too rarely here to
I think disco dancing is the best. At my age I'll have to take it slow first. Lol blessings! Julia
LOL can be easy on ice around here in this part of country... Julia121 :lol: