I know that even in a bigger town or even a city it can sometimes be hard and discouraging to find and meet people, let alone a love interest, but in the small town I live in it is almost impossible. I'm a transplant into my little community of 8,900 some odd people. Most these people grew up with each other, fell in love and stayed here. Married, widowed, divorced, they all have their own intagrated life styles. I've been divorced for four years living here and need to know how to not get tiered and to keep my eyes open for that possible maybe.
why did you move to a community with all odd people? i know every community has some odd people but when you find all are odd shouldn't you just continue driving down the road? i bet if all the odd people are in your town the next town the road most likely has a odd people shortage and that could have been the place for you.
My ex husband and I moved here because of his job. We had our second son here and until he graduates I seem to be staying here for awhile. Moving or convincing him to move becomes an empass so still working the plans through my head to be able to move sooner. Until then I've got to keep moving forward on finding friends and a relationship. Just seems to be getting harder and more discouraging.
at least you have your whole life ahead---------------
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