I read somewhere that Ernest Hemingway once won a competition to try telling a story in six words
The following was his entry which won him the competition.

For sale. Baby shoes. Never worn Image

What would be yours?   
I saw this note hanging above the desk of an employee when I visited their company a while back. He was the longest serving employee in that company and that sign looked as old.

Work hard. Go home.  Sleep. RepeatImage
I was going write my life story, but the title would have been the story.                                                           Your Born  You Live  You Die   :lol:
 First love... First kiss... First sorrow...     :D
I am?
    I miss you.  I miss you...   :cry:
We adapt, We Improvise, We Improve. :wink:
Nothing ventured, Nothing gained, Nothing gambled. :)
Red sky tonight cottage on fire
time is precious; don't waste any
Live long, laugh lots. Love much 
Read that book in three minutes.
Time is of the essence. Crap!!!!
To lead a great life:
Dream, Take Action, Repeat.
- Jonathan Lockwood Huie

"I loved everything and lost everything."