A stitch in time saves nine
Daily posts read all about it!
"With a cheating heart he made havoc"
quote by Sun Tuz(The Art of War)
It can be applied to many subjects, not just cheating between partners.
Apply it to say business, friendship, etc....
Many stories in those six words.
If you never try, you'll never know 
You start, I follow, we accomplish :)  
Torched the haystack  found the needle 
Take a walk in the park.
To be remembered,know your loved,
Love is never saying your sorry!
Well the heading was tell a story in six words.

By definition a story is a tale and should not be confused with quotes, or slogans, or advice or repetition of the same word, or ................

I am glad to say that only just a few people actually managed to fulfill the aim of the post, which was to tel a story in six words. Those few caught the spirit that Ernest Hemingway had intended with his story. I guess that makes the difference between his writing skills and the rest.

On to the next :arrow:
I walked two miles to school. :)
gone for a nice Sunday drive
My feet were sore from walking.
This site has too many "reincarnations"!   :shock:


my last life was as a wife of a mafia gangster who drowned me in the swimming pool because I was having an affair ..
when asked  up there...
so when you go back..
said send me back as a busty blonde somewhere safe
hence sitting here at the bottom of the world  

 smiling off target.. 
sorry yes she will be back...  

 ok ok had to get extra fingers and toes out to count...
13 jimbob..you have six toes!!

wonders if this could be classified as a hobby ?