Here is the biggest story possible:

Void............blinding white heat............cooling............void. 
Tonight won't be just any night
And so again the sun set.
The shortest will ever written said;
All for Mother.

my first 6 word short story entry is a cliche, (a sin) but true,
Been there, done that; no more!

Online dating, very dodgy,  no outcome!

live life, loose love, keep going.

morning sunshine, lunchtime achiements, last nights.  
Love is patient, Love is kind.
Son of a bitch, everything's real.
The mouse ran up the clock!
Broadcaster wrote: I read somewhere that Ernest Hemingway once won a competition to try telling a story in six words
The following was his entry which won him the competition.

For sale. Baby shoes. Never worn Image

What would be yours?   

interviewed and hired,tired and fired.
Love all. Trust few. Harm none.
Sonovavitch so this is heaven WOW!
1..Is there magic? Yes there is.

2. Enter(right) laughing. Exit (left) laughing
Living life half laughter and tears.
Wadda ja mean WE are pregnant? :shock:
...Love ,Gods gift to all mankind !
 Lovely green grass, SPLAT, damm cows :lol: .