Yesterday, my son came close to being a shooting victim at the Fort Myers Florida yearly holloween celebration, ZombiCon. Although the sponsers hire police to make the event safe and keep peace, a shooting still occured. Things are not the way they use to be. We could go out to block parties and social events to have fun with friends without worrying about a mass shooting taking place. This is not the case anymore. Violence is prevelant in this global society. Why is this happening. Could it be that a message is being sent to society that voilence is a part of everyday life? I see this message in so many places. I see it on TV, in the movie theartres, on the techno gadgets that children play with today; I hear it in music, on the internet and so many more places. Are we becoming num to this awful act towards other human beings like ourselves to the point that we seem tolerant. I don't have any answers. What I do know is that we have to change. We have to make this world a better place for ourselves, our children, our grandchildren and theirs. I thank God my son is safe. Every time he goes out the door, I pray and ask God to keep him safe and bring him back home safe. Every time!
The world isn't a safe place anymore? We are living in a "Forever changing world".
Hi Carmen
I am so sorry that you and your son brushed with this violence...what your words teach is to pay attention to everyday influences that effect our humanity. thank you for your thoughts.