I have another week of isolation ahead, work offices are closed and are undergoing sanitization by special crews, clients are in a tizzy, all because of one person's actions. An associate was in contact with someone who has Covid but, since the person with Covid was asymptomatic, not in hospital as yet etc., the associate thought it would be fine to be in contact and then still come to work! Since the Covid person is asymptomatic so far, health authorities have no idea when either of those persons were or shall be contagious. So many others shall now pay the price for their bad decisions.
I was never in direct contact with the associate and I conscientiously follow all protocol to stop the spread. I am hoping and praying that my work's safety protocols and immediate and stringent handling of this situation will have stopped one more super spread because of one person's ignorance.
I know that my friends on here are extremely thoughtful, caring and respectful of others. I just want to relay this as a true life lesson to pass on for others, that asymptomatic does not mean you are not contagious, virus free or safe to be around others. Isolation and quarantine must still be carried out. And please report any possible contact immediately.
My coworker's last test came back negative Yay! Unfortunately 2 other people who were in contact with the asymptomatic person tested positive but there has been no cross contact with any of our offices. So all offices are reopening and I am finally cleared and out of quarantine.
High anxiety has led to other issues, not just with myself but others. Those should be remedied soon and everything should be smoother sailing. As I said decisions of one person do make far reaching ripples.Thank you to all who had my back and sent me good vibes, best wishes and prayed for me. Having people to chat with made a huge impact and helped me through. Wasn't the perfect outcome but as I said we all worked together to stop a super spread and that is what matters.
Again Thank You
Is there someone from Australia? How is the situation there? Italy is divided into zones: yellow, orange and red. Each one has its own rules. In any case, restrictions. Social distancing is difficult to bear. I miss the hugs.