There's an ad campaign going on right now targeted at young people to influence them to either stop or never start smoking. Good on them, more power to em I say.

However, this advertisement catches my ear every time it's on. The group sings a song about swiping it left. Clearly this is connected to how their cell phone works with an app at a dating site. Could be just how a certain cell phone functions, but that's not really the point.

I find myself completely bothered by a couple of things in this ad. Their statistic is that you get twice as many profile hits if you're not smoking in your pictures. One man sings a verse about seeing a hot green-eyed honey. At least he thinks she's hot till he sees a pic of her smoking.

How presumptuous and arrogant could this verse be? This is no Mr. Universally Handsome fella, in fact he looks like he's homeless and just sitting down to his first meal in weeks (stacks of something he keeps flipping off the top of - pancakes?) In other words, this is no one who should be dictating what 'hot' is. If this green eyed hot honey walked into his living room naked, he'd be on that in a flash.

What's even more galling is that the entire time these babes are dancing around telling us over and over to swipe it left complete with a giant arrow pointing the way, they are actually pointing Right. They point to the right, but because people are looking at them we are supposed to perceive it as pointing to "our" left.

In other words, they apparently know or feel young people are just too damn stupid to know their right from their left, because, well because it's been long time since kindergarten when we learned our right from our left.

So you go on ahead 'truth' and keep drilling into our stupid children and grandchildren that left is right based on how you're looking at it and that if you want to be popular in your hand held make believe virtual world you better stop posting smoking pictures.

I'm getting way too old for this crap. Image