Quebec coroner critical of bystanders who ignored dying man on Metro platform 

My Comment: Even if you feel apprehensive when you see someone lying on the ground or in this case the Metro platform. Call 9-1-1....stay in close proximity to the person, yell out to people to help and wait for the police/ambulance to arrive. You are doing your part by calling. Many people passed by before the 9-1-1 call was made. It's pretty sad of our society when people do not want to get involved. 
Or ask someone to call 911, not everyone has a cell phone.
I don't think Daisy that it was a cell phone issue.....people just don't want to get involved. Call out for help! The Attendant was there and the one who actually called was the conductor of a train that had just pulled into a station. He got out came over looked at the person then got back on his train most likely calling for help.
What I meant was, if someone is like that and you don't have a cell phone, call for someone who can or call someone for help. I know it hard as a lot of people don't want to get involve because one may never know if that person is faking it or not.