Hi all, I just wanted to let everyone that has been following the cookbook forum to know that I am now compiling the informational part of the book to put to print. After I have done that I will start adding the recipes that have been submitted as well as those of my own. I hope that everyone will still keep adding to the recipes as they are all awesome and give a wide range of food tastes and cooking styles. Thank you again for all your input and help. The name of the cookbook is going to be called. Cooking With Friends. with a sub article on the help I recieved from the good people of the 50+ site. I want to thank all of you for everything you have done and continue to do.
Graham thank you for making this site possible I have found some great information and friends on here. Im hoping to put the cookbook to print in 6 to 9 months with the preliminary print.
Thanks again all.
Hi Okie

Thank you so much for all your efforts. I have tried alot of your recipes and they are delicious. Please continue to keep on posting new ones to try.

I just found this Forum. I'll be looking thru my old recipes now and submit one. Will be looking forward to adding this cookbook to my collection.
Hi CarlyM
Please do add some recipes, all input is greatly appreciated and enjoyed. You will find the forum in the food and dining forum. Thank you again for your input.