Apart from visiting this and other similar sites, I have a couple of 'reading' sites, a 'games' site and also I just re-found a 'Jigsaw' site I used to visit often and then forgot about.

Anyone else do other things online ? :)
New to this site but love to video chat with people
The activities mentioned by NanDee are the only ones I don’t do (well, maybe there was a lot more hidden under 'reading' sites ;-)
I read newspapers, books, watch tv and videos, listen to radio stations all over the world, listen to music on youtube music and spotify, look up the weather at my place or where I’m going, translate languages, convert all kinds of measurements, time zones and currencies, take notes and create calendar- or other reminders (getting old ;-) or make shopping lists, look up recipes, store photos in albums and share them with friends, write letters by email (no waste of paper and stamps), communicate with friends all over the world for free via audio, video or just typing chat, look up their places in google maps, or just “walk around” in street view (when you get there, it feels almost like having already been there), look up navigation and delays before driving, look up flight prices and accommodations before traveling (and book online), checkout opening times, menus of restaurants, look up reviews before doing/buying whatever, buy stuff on ebay, and last (but not least) use the internet as income source, doing what is my hobby, anyway: graphic design (I think everybody should be that lucky!)...
You’re welcome to tell me that it’s not healthy to “live online” that much, but (being a 71 old geek) I’m so happy having all those possibilities of our time, that I don’t want to go back into my cave! And rest assured: I live offline, as well ;-) but I have a vague feeling that in these Corona-times I’m suffering less than anybody else…? (just a thought)
Thanks to the internet I can now cheat on crosswords. Yay anagram sites!

And, I love recipe sites that let you enter whatever ingredients you have and then tell you what you can make.

And of course shopping is now an online experience, at least for the time being. I've even bought clothes online. Never thought I'd do that! Mostly though not entirely satisfactory, but best we can do at the moment...