Is a big day for those skunk smokers to enjoy it!
You bet it is.
daisyjean wrote: Is a big day for those skunk smokers to enjoy it!

You have something go on over there which us people over hear don’t know about :)
Marrwyck wrote:
daisyjean wrote: Is a big day for those skunk smokers to enjoy it!

You have something go on over there which us people over hear don’t know about :)

LOL ya it call Trudeau. He pass the bill (law) for smoking weed/joints... you know the marijuana, not much change in the law really, as some of the old law still applied, only allow 30 grams of that skunk stuff :roll: . It applied in all of Canada, can't export it or import it, each Province and Territory will have a color coded bag or stamp or what ever... I won't know because I will not be the one buying it :lol: You can't have a grow ops either, you need a licence to do that now. The new law is for the Government to have more control over the grow ops, import and export, and DUI, as before you couldn't be charge with DUI and now it can be done. The smokers will not be hiding the joints, in cigs packages or shoe or where ever they can find a good hiding place,

The city I live in send out questionaire about where do we want the designated smoking area, where it should be and I said "The North Pole" :lol:

What most people here are complaining about now, that they can smoke that stuff anywhere, what we can't figure out, why can't they smoke it at home or in their back yard??

There will be a weed o meter, or what ever you call it :roll: for those who do smoke it and drive, so the police will be out on full force now as it is after midnight so it is now October 17th.

MADD will be on this too.

Thank you for the info you posted :D
Everyone in Canada should have gotten this in their mail.

OH... for those who don't know what MADD Is...
Well, it sure is a surprise day out there today, hardly anyone out, make one think today is Sunday. A nice beautiful day at that, 22 C!
People take this stuff for pains. Me it mind over matter, the more you think about your pain the worst it will become. AND it does.

Alot of people take it for their Anxiety and Panic attack.

I have never heard anyone mention the Vapor and how it work, but I have heard about the oil, one drop under the tongue, it also don't give off such a profound odour like the smoke does. Yes I can smell it for a great distance.

All these products were being sold privately for many years and now you can get it at a store that has a business Licence.

What I don't understand ... why the color code stamps if you can travel anywhere in Canada? Oh maybe to see where it comes from, export I suppose, they need to find out how it came across the boarder :P
you guys might put the mexican drug cartels out of business
I believe that was the whole idea bill, for the Government to have more control over it all, but I am sure they will find a loophole somewhere, there are miles and miles of shoreline along the B.C. coast and most of it is rough terrains, the great lakes has lots too, even the air, so are they going to be watching the sky for any drops? Are they going to have patrol boats to watch the water? B.C. have lots of Islands, forest if they don't keep on burning up :lol:

The thing I am wondering as I watch the news, yesterday was another busy day for the business as they are making money, all the items for sale that are on display is in a clear case, BUT never show what the color code are, make me wonder if the shipment are in color codes? If a person is buying something and is in a color code bag, it will slip somewhere along the line, or a whistleblower, then the drug cartels will figure something out?

The P.C. are complaining now about many loopholes. Also I am sure someone will be complaining of the smell as they did years ago with cigarettes and put up a "no smoking signs" and I am sure that will happen with this new law with the Cannabis smokers.

I also believe the Government will be taxing this stuff somehow, as NO one want the carbon tax in Canada as I can certainly can tell you that Albertan don't like it at all.

They say it's not drug, it,s a herb... lol so I would say ok, so why not roll up basils and smoke it :lol: did you know that basil is a pain relief herb too?
This post started about the law of Marijuana, the date the changed came into affect (October 17th, 2018)

JT didn't make the law, he just revamp the law... The Law on Marijuana came into effect after JT brother (now decease) was arrested and his Dad got him off on the charge (PET law friend), that when the law came into effect, During "PET" era. So anyone (at that time) can be charge with Marijuana (as a drug), but they got off by stating it is a "Herb". The law couldn't do anything about that because there is nothing stated in the Criminal Codes of Canada about herbs being against the law. So it would be toss out of court.

Marijuana as everyone call it a "Herb", so change the law and clearly state that Marijuana is "Cannabis" not drug or herb. Now no one can say, Marijuana is a herb. Can't charge anyone with herbs because lots of herbs are safe like Basil, Thyme and so on, so can't class Marijuana as a herb anymore.

The Liberal Government just revamp the law, so when you are caught, charges are laid against those who are involved, as before, nothing can be done because the law didn't clearly state anything about Cannabis, so they created a new Act in the criminal codes of Canada by revamping it. This way the Court has more control over it. It is similar to "Don't give children under the age of 19 cigarettes", but they still get them regardless of the law. Or Alcohol.
The Government has more control over the Cannabis in Canada by stating it Cannabis and not herb.. ...

So Jake, opps I mean...Cerberus, don't be calling me an idiot :P

lol you proved me right, now go smoke Marijuana and have a merry Christmas, you idiot :)
I just corrected you, JT revamp the law, the law was there but under the drug act. Can't sell it period, no matter how old you are! Can't smoke it no matter how old you are, so kids were getting them as well because they can carry 30 mg of that SKUNK stuff. (Meaning anyone can carry 30 mg of the skunk stuff, so that why he add to the file that no kids under the age of 18 or 19 can carry 30 mg [revamping the ACT by being more specific]).

You were allow 30 mg of the SKUNK stuff but not a roach, what is the different between a plastic bag and rolling paper? Not allow to sell it but can carry 30 mg? Not allow to smoke it so what are you doing with 30 mg? The law was a bit mix up so revamping it by being more specific, by taking it out of the drug act and putting it in Cannabis Act, it like a filling cabinet, a file called drug act, JT just add another file and moving the Marijuana from the drug act and putting it in the Cannabis Act. So therefore....., all this was wasting court time and tax payers money, he had to find a way to get Canada out of debt and that is by this Act. Now it will save money because more people were getting arrested and going to court and it get toss out and wasting time and money. WHY? because the law didn't state clearly!... shuffling the stuff around under the law,because people were breaking that law right, left and center, costing Canadian $$$$$$$$$$$ of their hard earn money because the law wasn't specific! Can't call it a herb, under this act either.

I don't smoke the stuff, can't stand the smell of it. Nope not even it is in a plastic bag! That is why I call it "The skunk stuff :P

So why don't you take a chill pill cerb :wink: Image

BTW they had to be specific or it will be toss out of court, again.... wasting court time and tax payer's money.

As the saying goes here...What are you smoking cerb?
daisyjean wrote: I don't smoke the stuff, can't stand the smell of it. Nope not even it is in a plastic bag!

It's obvious that you do :)