Sweet , Sweet angel, why is your pillow empty tonight,
I see your face, I listen to songs of you on the radio.
We've all made mistakes, their's no need to say, sorry,
Take my hand, let's walk, let's talk, watching the sun dim.

It's been so long since I've heard your voice, faintly still there,
I sit and wonder, I hope, that you can come home to me.
Some call me a dreamer, while others say that it will never be,
Let me kiss, Oh your sweet, sweet lips under the moon lit sky.

Sweet, Sweet angel, oh how I long to see you, over and over,
I feel you when I sing at church, even on Thanksgiving morn.
Why, Oh why does it have to be this way, Oh come home to me,
Sweet, Sweet angel, let me hold your hand until the morning light.
That is beautiful , Newt
I love it New !!
I guess we will both have to share it, other angel lol