I believe that Mother's Day is celebrated in North America next Sunday whereas Mothering Sunday was celebrated in Europe in March. Many people don't realise that the two have completely different origins and are celebrated at different times of the year.
The North American one is a relatively modern celebration for honoring motherhood, maternal bonds and in the role of a mother in the society since 1908 whereas Mothering Sunday in Europe is hundreds of years old and relates to children that have gone off to work return home and visit their family and attend their ‘mother’ church. However, in Europe it has become more commercialised and mothers are now showered with gifts.
Just like Christmas G....

Today's society, everything is about money and expensive gifts The real meaning and value got lost in time, I think it has something to do with the oil boom?

I am just as happy with flowers, after all it is spring and time for flowers to grow, it brighten up the day for MUMS. To show the love and affection of your MUM, but not all kids will feel the great value of their mothers. So we just have to be happy that we have great kids to share that special day with our kids.

Time has change, life change, so we have to adapt to the changes in our life, our environment and wish those who don't have a MUM, or don't wish a day with their MUM just give them the blessing.

My birthday land before Mother's day, so we celebrate two days into one and I am happy with that.

We celebrate Mother's Day this weekend in North America, some of us... our Mother's are not alive, and don't have kids, it's a hard day for them. Just keep them in your thoughts and prayers. I am lucky that I have children that we can celebrate it last week. Not showered with gifts, I don't know what to do with them lol.

Mother's day here is like that, take MUM out for breakfast where as when I grew up, we made breakfast for MUM and have it in bed, did things for her around the house, we never showered her with gifts, nor did my kids.


Thanks for the info from a brit! At my community association, we are having a Mother's Day supper on Tuesday and we wanted to play a little game about Mother's Day origins. We will play it like your quiz only we will give multiple choice answers.

So thanks again!!