Hello everyone. I'm hoping I haven't just thrown away good money--again. But I got a bonus check this week and figured, what the hey--go for it. I've been on many dating sites before, even went on a few dates. No luck in forging any relationships.

I really am not too concerned about hopping into bed with anyone--but if that happens great. And there's no time limit...it might take days or weeks or months to get to that point...especially given the current pandemic circumstances.

So...I'd rather set aside the physical (but only temporarily!) and just get to know some folks--men and women. This staying at home life is fine by me--I'm a homebody. But it would be nice to have a few people to chat with. I prefer men friends, but I'm open to getting to know some ladies too (for friendship only, mind you--not going to hop into bed with you no matter what the time limit!)

So anyway, I tend to ramble when I write! (and use too many exclamation points!)

Just looking for love--not just romantic love but sharing love of books, music, movies, food with others.

Any takers? haha
Just seen this, which prompted me to join because it's where I'm coming from too.
Sadly Topaz has deleted her profile, sorry I missed you!
I still think it deserves a reply though... Me too.