Well I am looking for a man like most women on here I guess - but I thought I would write a message with dating in lockdown . If say I met a suitable guy on here and we got on connected - I'm guessing the next move whilst in lockdown you chat on the phone thats great no ones spreading anything but conversation and possbily love. So then the next stage I guess would be email - text and then I would say zoom skype wahtsapp live chat.

If you live where you can meet up . What then. How do I deal with a "Lockdown Man" lol . Do we exchange antigen certificates to say we have both had it etc etc.
In my case as far as I know I haven't had it but I haven't been tested either. So who knows. So onto the next stage lol . We meet up . Then what? We can't hug each other , we can't kiss each other but we can stand 6ft apart lol (a bit of a passion killer ) . But I wonder if doing it this way you get to know each other as people . So I'd love to know your thoughts on "Lockdown Romance" lol.


Quite honestly Sue I think it's something that needs to be delayed until it is safe and despite what the politicians tell us, the medical specialists don't think it will be safe until we have an effective vaccine. They don't even know yet whether those who have caught Covid19 are immune from catching it again! Online contact is the safest way now until we know more! :D
Very interesting topic Sue, thanks for putting it out there.
I think that in an online environment it may cause people to slow down and find different ways to connect and this could be a good thing. Before people would sometimes rush the relationship which could lead to disappointment. Now that its not so easy to meet face to face we have to spend more time talking, hopefully communicating and learning more about each other. Also get creative... like have a Zoom date, there you can get as close as you want LOL (to the screen).
Ladykym, I like the zoom dating idea, very creative. If i should get lucky enough to meet someone, I will remember your suggestion.
Think all the regular slow but steady getting to know you stuff applies here but then because of lock down we need to extend it out a bit. Like you guys said, skype, zoom chat, date night on live. But we can't stop living just because of this. We all took a chance coming on here. We take a chance falling in love and we need to take a chance if it gets to that next stage. We just need to use our smarts and our wits and extend the internet part of meeting and dating out a bit. BUT WE CAN"T STOP LIVING LIFE!!!!
Pente5 you are so right... We have got to keep living.. especially at our age. I'm tired of being stuck in the house, not eating out, or checking out a movie matinee'. Previously we mentioned connecting via zoom, anyone have any suggestions on other creative ways to connect?

Thank you for all your replies . Hopefully this will soon all be over and we will all get back to some normality in the meantime I guess its online datting/ zooming/skpeing etc but maybe lots of great frendships will be formed.


Sue x
yes it will all be over. what then happens to all the poor lockdown men? cast away, of no further use. discarded
i was considering applying for a lockdown man position but realized when it ends and the hardup old 50 plus babe once again returns to her former fussy old biddy 50 plus babe that it would only mean ill for me
so men think twice before you commit a lockdown man has a bleak future
lockdown man required
Partnership and Love: billcc

I saw this and wondered why Bill wanted a lockdown man? :wink:
I Lock down, Lock out or Unlock doors for people as a "Locksmith" does that qualify ? lol, :) Have a great week !
HI graham and bIll

why does Bill want a "Lockdown Man" lol lol lol.

Sue x
sue2017 wrote: HI graham and bIll

why does Bill want a "Lockdown Man" lol lol lol.

Sue x

If you're locked down you can't come out of the closet! :lol: