Well gutted for my family and all liverpool fans .....they worked so hard for it   :-( xx
You'r gutted, I am a Tranmere Rovers supporter :(
Not up to scratch on all the football goings on just my family all liverpool fans ....what fate has become your team   :-( 
Relegated to division two (division four in old money)
Oh dear, thats not good royland27 no wonder your gutted  ....well lets hope they do better next season....im more likely to be following my hometown Coventry they are not doin to good either so we are all in the same boat ....only way is to keep paddleing on  :-) 
My team Norwich City have been relegated from the Premier League, and their main problem was not scoring many goals. I think relegation is a chance to rebuild and regroup and give them a chance to get back where they were.
Only ever been to Coventry once PM, middle sixties, Tranmere V Coventry cup match. We draw and beat Coventry in the home replay match. The one thing that sticks in my mind is how narrow the double decker buses were.
As for Norwich, Graham, loved where the ground is situated, right on the edge of a new shopping centre, with lovely walks by the canal. I am sure you will bounce back to the premership. So as a certain lady would say "Lets be having you"
Hi Royland .....thats quite a while back in the sixties, you wouldnt recognise the place now . We have hardly any double deckers, more of what they call bendy buses  :-) still progress i surpose shame we have lost alot of the old city ..including our football grounds :-)
Well lets hope it works for Norwich Graham1 ... fingers crossed ;-)
For me being from Birmingham I guess will always only be Aston Villa