New Zealanders have voted not to change their national flag. As the vote to keep the original which, shows the Union Jack, was around 47%, this obviously means that 53% of the population do not want to keep it but couldn't see a suitable alternative.

Does this sound about right Jaffa? What is the general feeling there now?

Do I sound like a good internet reporter? LOL :D
U  sound like Lois Lane,
Gwn, Jaffa (aka, The Delicious Kiwi) is very patriotic,
She has a huge flag hanging outside, as well as a price list for other services,
sewing, ironing etc, ye right, Tho its a bit discriminatory cos it says, No Irish,
she says they are always drunk, and take too long, 
Dunno what she means by that, prolly cutting lawn. 
So I kinda voted...
actually I didn't ...
cause my son who has moved out and is flatting,
asked me to fill in his which came to my house,now he voted to keep the old flag ..
and I was humming and haaaing but probably...
would have voted for the new one..
tho I wasn't that impressed with it
so as both votes cancelled each other out
I didn't send them in 
so $26 million later lol we are back were we started from :lol:
Yup Gwn tjat is the jist of it lots wanted a change but didn't like the alternative
see now if they had picked mine...  

ooo just think what we could have done with 26 mil


BTW Jaffa, what is 'flatting'?
I had edited and fixed my spelling mistakes  (also told Scrummy what else was on that price list that might have made his eyes water..) but you posted before it was fixed lol
and yes what else the money could have been spent on has been a hot topic here
definition of flatting ..not bloody well at home bulging off mum !!  hehe
ok it means group of young adults sharing accommodation,house apartment etc
For pete's sake jaf, don't tell scrummy what else in on your price list! :shock:
Do you want to give him a heart attack? :lol:
so you thought that list would cause health problems..
this is random..
simply added cause Paul is wearing our flag..
and of course whats more important  than a barbie?
we are a fickle lot( lol moved on already)to more important stuff :D