I love the 5 lb kettle ball excecising. It looks like a balling ball with an handle. Has anyone tried this kind of excercise? I got an beginners DVD to excecise with it. I been doing it about 2 months. My check up today from the Doctor was excellent. He told me 19 pounds down. I am an healthnut, But I love to excerise with the Kettle ball. I put on my rock and roll doo wop music and try to put in an hour. . The Kettle Ball comes in all kind of weight sizes, but the 5 pound is just right weight for me to swing and lift right now. !5 minutes of dancing and swinging with that ball, I sure do work up a sweat excercise. Besides the funand the music I feel so great after an hour. I still do use the chair to sit and just swing and lift with my ball. Very low pact workout feels so good. Again has anyone tried the Kettle Ball workouts? It is a lot of fun.
I've been thinking about trying it. They say it's one of the absolutely best exercises you can do and you only need a couple of moves.
good idea  :mrgreen: