I have donated to this and I would again, as so much of our land is ending up in foreign hands, This way it will always be ours for everyone to use including tourists.... 
Hey Jaf, I hope ye get it, it's fabulous,
It's the same here, they sold off a lot of our islands,
Even our Irish politician's  bought em, and we are not allowed 
even to visit them, That Eejit Trump has bought some prime property as well  
What a beautiful place it looks amazing, as for Donald Trump, enough said, but I love his hair!!!!!
Thanks Scrummy and Macora, hoping to retire down there. It's where  my family originates from,top of the South Island  and we usually end up back there (Great Auntie Lulu)
There has been a lot of discussion here over the last few years,especially about large dairy farms being sold off to overseas corporations and New Zealanders being priced out of the market 
OK so an update ...

$568,247.56 pledged
$2,000,000.00 target
28% backed
8,694 generous backers
15 days to go.

 If they do manage to buy it they will either set up a trust or hand it over to D.O.C. (department of conservation) to run
We have here a thing called the Queens chain also a lot of controversy about this too,basically it means every citizen has the right of access to all the foreshore including lakes and rivers.  
Mac, If you are talking to Jaffa,
U gotta type upside down, she can read it that way,
15 days Jaf, Hope ye do it,
A lot of my ppl ended up at an island as well, Alcatraz.
Hugs Jaf. 

There are rivers here where u gotta pay to fish,
And only at certain times, also some beaches that are private. GGGGRRRR 
Good luck Jaffa it's a great thing to do. 
Good 4 ye Jaffa,
Trump owns a few golf courses here, that the peasants are not allowed on,
Yesterday he said, close em for all i care, so much for heritage. 
Thank you Macora,  Scrummy and Gwynnie
for your support
We have celebs buying up land here too Scrummy and the Chinese are trying to own  a lot of our farms

Note..... Macora I'm still upside down
I hear that those Chinese are doing the same to B.C. and people are upset by that as well. Buy up land and becoming rich.
So happy for you Jaffa  can I come and visit  :lol:
Of Course Mort!!!
as I said it's there now for everyone... and me could hit the pub after :) 
And the dance clubs  :lol:
Any toyboys out there Jaffa? If not I could order us one of these each :lol: