Yes I agree with most of the sentiments above. Sometimes as we get older our social circle gets smaller so it's important that we value those relationships that we have, particularly now as we can't meet up for social events due to Covid-19.
I joined the site yesterday and decided to go into the chat room only to find one member in there, but when I said hello, they left. I don't usually have that effect on people lol. Nevertheless I'll be going back in at some point when it's a little busier.
The internet and sites like this has provided us with the opportunity to talk to people who we may never be able to meet, but with whom we can chat and share opinions. I'm sure the original poster will find lots of people to chat to and make friends with.
I'd love to chat, I love New friends
It is indeed unfortunate that the chat room is hit and miss. I am disappointed to see how infrequently the forums are posted to as well. While I have met some very nice people in the chat room, for the most part they are in the UK, while I am in the USA. It is disappointing when members are in the room, and no one talks! I try to initiate conversation, and minutes go by unanswered. I am starting to cringe when a “PM” shows up, a man, and instantly wants to get personal. Then disappear when it is made clear you’re not interested. Isn’t that what dating sites are for? I just want to get to know a person and develop a few friendships. That was the whole idea of a site with a chat room, to chat......rant over.
Retired and looking for friends to share stories.
Hello everyone
Chatting is a great way to make friends everywhere. It's helped me make friends all around the world, some of whom I've then visited and some who've visited me over the years. Since I really don't like traveling on my own, this has greatly helped; I've had people to visit wherever I've gone.
I’m here to chat
Hi everyone! I am looking for people to chat with. I find it interesting to talk with and listen to others perspectives, etc. Hoping to make some new friends.
Hi, I am also looking for friends to chat with
Who else besides Cary Grant???
Hello Iam just looking for friends
All of my kids are grown up and don't seam to have time for me
Funandsun63 wrote: Hi everyone! The older I get, I seem to have fewer good friends just to talk to. Everyone is busy with life and family! I’m not looking for love! I’m already in a long term relationship!

I’m hoping this is the right place to ask! If not, I’m sorry!

Hello there,
Always happy to find new friends to chat with. I am new here, and though apprehensive, still looking forward to a new friendship!