Hi,I do believe in mind over matter an that you can help yourself to over come certain things in your life. is that what you call Hypnotherapy?.
Hi, Barb Here. I have to agree with the Hypnotherepay's I got Hypnotized for quitting smoking approximently 4 months ago,. I still recall the feeling, because I still listen to the CD that was required, (for 1 mnth.) but I am alone, N find it very soothing N relaxing at night time. So I still listen to it. It definately wasn't what I excpected.. I thought I would be out like a light, I could be asked anything, N would Do or Say Anything, with No Control. I was so Wrong,. It was such a weird feeling to be asked a question and realize that you could control answering, but styill wanted to asnswer it, the answer just flowed out, In a strange way, I was answering to a stranger, Did I want to, Did I want to let them in,.I was concentrating at first on the breathing and eye instructions that I was she had me doing,.She told me my arms would get Tired,Heavy,. my body piece by piece would. Man N did it, Couldn't move, she told me to move I told her I couldn't (I'm in Construction) I told her I had a Beam laying across me N couldn't move.. Seriously it Truely felt like it. As the time went on, I felt alittle more confortable answering her questions,. I was in a big Empty Office building, with a kind of portistioned walls, soothing sounds N all, with in the office, but I was still very aware of the noices through out the office,. The main door bell, the ph. etc.. But In the long run, I am still not Smoking,. and I am not Missing it,. :) Oh N No you can NOT Save All That Money,.It Always goes somewhere else..
Hi Ladies (welcome to the New Year).Visulization helped me to quit smoking when i was 30..over ahuum,20 yr ago.I pictured myself from the perspective of a non-smoker.I figured I must look like a fool with a cigarette in my fingers,after all,it is illiogical.I used to drink then so I stopped drinking for a month.Haven't smoked since.Hope this helps.God bless
Nice Hawkeye Bill Congrates,Wow Long time No Hear,. Hope your still Not Smoking,. N Drinkin, Diddo on that.for me,. N still listening to the CD to fall into a Very Comforting Sleep. :D Take Care N All The Best In The New Yr..
jennie123 wrote: Hypnotherapy works for me ... I believe it doesnt work for everyone - you have to let go & allow the therapist to relax you before he can influence your thoughts. Whenever I am feeling stressed I go to see my friend Keith, he has helped me through my divorce, house move & job interviews, he's given me confidence I never knew I had. Definitely worth a try , but always go to someone recommended.

I tried hypnotherapy many years ago, and was definitely one of those who had these common thoughts of "am not going to give my mind over to a stranger", etc. going around and around in my mind.

Then one day, and on the recommendation of a trusted friend and client of this particular hypnotherapist, I went. He was a medical doctor nearing retirement and had been a hypnotherapist in his latter years; a "grandfatherly" type. And I agree with Jennie that you have to let go and allow the therapist to relax you first! With this doctor he definitely was able to relax me - to the point that after it was all over, I felt like I was NOT hypnotized, until he confirmed that indeed I did go into a deep hypnosis. And yes, it has worked for me. My motto is, try anything at least once before making a judgement, but first research who you are planning to go to first.
I was hypnotized by a therapist once. Didn't occur to me at all that she would be able to control anything, let alone me, so I had no preconceptions. I wanted to figure out if I had a dream or if I had a long forgotten memory. I had sat straight up in bed in total shock thinking omg how could I forget that, it was amazing or did I just dream that. We did not find out, I really enjoyed the experience tho, it's just that I couldn't get any 'further', perhaps I wasn't willing to go further? Who knows, but one thing I remember as she was bringing me out of it was 'oh wow, listen to the people in the other offices chatting together' and I said this out loud. She said she couldn't hear a thing, I was like, what you can't hear them talking, where r they in the waiting room? She said no one else was in her offices. Spooky. I'd do it again.
I went to a hypnotherapy consultation with my daughter, was interested in what hypnotherapy was all about, i was intrigued by what i heard and borrowed a book from the therapist written by Dave Elman. I had always had trouble falling to sleep and i used a self hypnosis technique and was able to relaxand fall asleep with no problem. I read a chapter on regression was wondering if there was any merit to this technique.
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