Hi Everybody

I have been thinking about arranging a meet near the end of November so it gives us all a chance to meet other members.
I have spoken to Pearl (Scotland moderator), and we are looking at Nottingham as a venue.
Dates approx in November, arriving 23rd and leaving 25th
Based on number of folks that might be interested, we will fix the price trying to make it possible for everyone.
Any questions please do not hesitate to contact Pearl or myself. :D :D

interested in the event
23.11.2018 - 25.11.2018
I hope many of you will have seen the previous post regarding a UK meet in Nottingham arriving on 23rd November and leaving on the 25th
This is an opportunity to meet people that you have met in the chat room and put a face to the name in relaxed surroundings.
The itinerary planned is meet and greet, music, games,10 pin bowling any other ideas or suggestions are welcome.
Catering will be flexible with light bites on arrival. Full English Breakfast will be provided and giving any enthusiastic chefs the opportunity to show their hand. A meal on Saturday night will be booked at a local eating house (pub).
At this stage we are interested in numbers so that adequate accommodation can be arranged and then an idea of cost can be calculated. Accommodation will be arranged when we have some idea of numbers but it could be anything from a cottage to a house or part use of a small hotel. If you are interested please let either Pearl or myself know and we would like to have firm commitments by October 21st when we will ask for a deposit.
Please BYOB (bring your own bottle)_