Frightened of Ghosts? Ever seen one? Let me reassure you. They don't exist.

In this forum thread I shall examine the difference between a superstition about Ghosts and solid, scientific fact.

What are Ghosts?

Many believe Ghosts are souls of the departed. They wander the Earth seeking ways to complete unfinished business, or they had slighted someone during their life and desire forgiveness before they may move on to the next plane of existence.

Scientific facts.

* The human eyeball has a resonant frequency of 18 cycles per second, and it has been observed to vibrate in sympathy to low level waves causing a serious smearing of vision.

* The normal waking human brain operates at between 7 and 14 cycles per second in what is known as a beta state. When it operates at levels above or below this rate, the brain is in the areas of drug use and of hypnosis, meditation, sleep and near sleep, day-dreaming and the out-of-body experience: states in which we are "seeing" in some way even when our eyes are closed.

Infrasound vibrations.

Low frquence vibrations caused be either of the following:

* poor ventilation
* nearby running water
* poorly fitted cyclic electrical components, such as desk or extraction fans, which can make the air vibrate at around 19 cycles per second.

Infra-sound is linked to a number of physiological effects including breathlessness, shivering, feelings of fear. discomfort, cold sweat and depression.

In the presence of infra-sound, human perception changes or is enhanced. We feel depressed, scared, breathless, we see visions due to the sudden blurring of our eyesight.

Look at the night-time moon. What do you see? A face? A ghost? Nope, You see distinct features on the surface of the moon.

When you move from a place of near or complete darkness into a brightly lit room, your iris will suddenly contract, and in that moment your vision is disturbed. Some have reported that, on passing from darkness to bright light, they see a figure standing in the brightly lit room. It is a momentary thing, and caused by the sudden changes to the iris. There was not a Ghost wainting for you. There is nothing to worry about.

For you see, there are no Ghosts. There are ourselves and our frail Human bodies responding to external influences.

Still don't believe me? Go ahead, prove me wrong. Reply with your own ghostly experience.
To paraphrase.....there are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamt of in your philosophy

99.9% of ghostly sightings, etc can be explained with a little less hysteria (who can forget Yvette Fielding..."what was that, did you hear it?". Er no cos you were screeching like a banshee...

However, the remaining 0.1% that would appear to be inexplicable are the exceptions that account for the majority of people who believe.

Do I believe in ghosts? Not sure but I do believe some things just can't be explained.
Sara2101 wrote: I do believe some things just can't be explained.

Dementia suffers have hallucinations, and talk to people who are not there. hat's not Ghosts, it's dementia.

I would postulate that anyone who claims to have seen a Ghost are suffering with a form of early-onset dementia.
Jake62 wrote:
Sara2101 wrote: I do believe some things just can't be explained.

Dementia suffers have hallucinations, and talk to people who are not there. hat's not Ghosts, it's dementia.

I would postulate that anyone who claims to have seen a Ghost are suffering with a form of early-onset dementia.

You saying that a young adult is suffering from some form of early -onset dementia? Yet they live on for many years.
To define Ghost, people have different way of saying Ghost or what it is. .

Take the Old King James book (bible), it will say the "Holy Ghost". If you take any other versions, most likey will say "Holy Spirit". I know the NRSV and NIV will say "Holy Spirit", The really old book (bible) like a family bible the huge one that is heavy, will say Holy Ghost.

Just like the first people that came to Canada or North America, they were called Inidians, several years ago, they were call "First Nations" Now they are called
Can read more about them in this link. I am sure you can find more info on line

Ghost, well are you not suppose to see them? For me Ghost is the old terms of how you are feeling as you can't see how people are feeling sometimes, just like the spirit, what spirit are you in today? It all about how you feel, what you feel.

If you are talking about Ghost at Halloween? lol well you can see it, but you can't see the person under that cover up.

I am sure Morton1 will defy you on that one Jake, she is the same age as you. As far as I know, she been a member of this site longer than you as well.

If you are talking about the dead, the Ghost of the living past? Well, I know I can feel the spirit of my mother, because she is in my heart and always be.
Ghost or the spirit, will live in you because they have a profound impact on your life one way or another.

I often been told that I look very much like my maturnal Grandmother, they thought she came to life again, lol make me feel kinda different, I also been told that I walk just like my paternal Grandfather, there nothing I can do to change that walk, or the look, that who I am.

So how can you assure me how I feel about the people who affected me in my life?

Talking to people that isn't there, isn't dementia, could be someone who is lonely and need to talk, sometimes they will talk to someone who they love that pass on, it help them through the day, it help them feel better, get something off their shoulder. It will also help them recall what that person who pass on inform them off and then they remember. Sometimes I will say something, it just to hear my voice, like... Ok where did I put that. I know lots of time I will say something and that person move to another room, :lol: That isn't dementia, it just that I didn't realize they went somewhere else.
This long and superfluous pst was both interesting and relative. Thank you.
Sadly,,however, the interesting parts were not relative, and the relative parts were not interesting.
Why are Ghost's such bad liars? You can see right thru them.
Were you in Ghostbusters taz? :D
I was the Sta Puf marshmallow man.