Stories by Richard Prime

For children

Izzy and Jenny and Mum move into their new home in Wytchazel, and strange things begin to happen. Furniture is being moved in the attic. Mum doesn't believe them. Women in the village have long noses. Mr. Nutter, who owns the general store, tends Rowan Trees and makes broomsticks. ON Halloween night, their housekeeper, Mrs. Devizes, tells them the horrifying story of Alice Piggle, accused of wytch-craft in the 18th century and who, rumour has it, lives in the attic of the Wytch Haven restaurant and bar. Later, the attic door opens and the children see the eyes peering from the dark.

Jazz - how to be a cat
Jazz the cat realises that if he allows humans to pet him, he will be fed. Driven by an insatiable hunger, Jazz tells the story of life as a cat and memories of when he was a kitten. And a time before, when he was John Kiddel.

Jamie's Dinosaur
Jamie is bullied at school and one evening walking home and being heckled by bullies he is rescued by a Velociraptor that he befriends. He must convince his Mum to allow the dinosaur to live in his wardrobe, but when Professor Plop of Oxford University Paleobiology calls demanding he take the dinosaur to his lab for examination. Jamie and his Mum plot to rescue it.
Blimey, Rick - you'd scare the pants off kids with these stories! Give them nightmares!

They're good for adults though: typically you, lol. Cynical, sarcastic and full of unexpected humour.

Thanks for sharing
Hope they didn’t scare you too much, Jelly
Not at all. Enjoying them - you're super talented. And so's your illustrator :D