One Pound of Fat Looks Like I hope everyone enjoys the videos because losing one pound is powerful for your body and difference between muscle & fat. Pray for me because I will start jogging Saturday at the track, that my knees & ankles do not break! Hehehe!! Here's Why Losing 5 Pounds of Fat Is a Big Deal 5 lbs of Fat vs. 5 lbs of Muscle 5 lbs of Fat vs 5 lb of Water

 This morning I went around Tappan Square 15(biking) times plus 30 mins at the gym. A routine is very important for weight loss, changing eating habits of snacks high in calories, sugar, and starch. Drinking 64oz of water is important. A person can add lemon, cucumbers, strawberries, ginger, lemon grass, and limes to ones water(refeshing). Healthy in all areas: Physical, mental, emotional and spiritual is a healthy temple. Enjoy healing your temple! Easy Abs Workout for Beginners - HASfit 5 Minute Quick Abs - Easy Stomach Abdominal Exercises 6 Pack Abs in 6 Minutes at Home | Coach Kozak's Best Ab Exercises To Get Ripped Six Pack | HASfit Dynamic Stretching Warm Up Exercises - HASfit Warmup Workout Routine for Flexibility Stretches
Good for you, I have already started my work out, yup even with a bum out knee. Working out make you feeling tired but worth it as you will start to feel better day by day, I don't go every day, but twice a week for an hour and a half, learn how to use the equipments there as well.

Here the doctor recommended to start off walking 30 minutes per day. Even those who have a walker or a cane can do this. As I mention on another forum, you can do most of the exercise just by sitting and work out those muscles that has not been worked out for many years. It is fun and you get to meet more people as well if you join a group.