Does anyone know why men  cannot  talk about  ED  to there partners? Why do men give up? so they think we will not leave them? or  do they not care if we  do or not?  
Since I have this let me say I did talk and I did all I could to fix it within reason.

She did still leave me.

I have nerve damage from an accident. Talking it out won't fix it. My doctor told me straight out to find another way. The question is would another way work for you?
My advice to you is to go to a sex shop. Get some sex toys. Tell him you want to SEXperiment and that you have always wanted to try different things. There are TONS of ways a man can get a woman all hot and crazy in bed without having to use his member. He does have fingers right, and a mouth.. If your man can't come up with other ways to satisfy you in bed then he has more then just and ED problem.

My advice is to introduce him to new things. How about asking him to give you a HOT OIL massage! Nothing hotter then seeing a womans body covered in hot slippery oil... mmmm
I................ :o
am at a loss for words :shock: (who would have thought I could ever run out of words)
There's a first time for everything Laurie! :lol:
"Why do men not talk about ED?"
Well hummmmm first thought is, if she has not noticed before now, has she really not noticed me at all ? :shock: This type of question should be discussed between the couples involved. I mean really, we don't have the answer, since there are so many answers for this question. It could be medical or mental, or a combination of both. First discuss the problem with your partner. Stress a medical check up. After health is determined not to be the issue, seek a mental health professional. If he refused to discuss any aspect of this issue(even from the beginning! YOUR WORK IS DONE.! Then you, yourself, will have to make the decision on what to do next....simple.
Do you love him?
Is the relationship worth trying to save?
Could there be another women?
We cannot help with those answers either. I comes down to what is the relationship worth to you. Are you ready to fight or fly? I have known some couples that adore each other. And have found ways to continue their private life. I have also known a few women that would rather have a cuddle if nothing else is available. You see, sex is just sex, but love is the glue that binds us together.
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I think it is a bad thing to hold back from a potential partner.

I was with someone I cared dearly about for 6 years...2 years into that relationship I found a bottle of "Viagra" in the medicine cabinet...

I was very upset and thought he was taking it and needed it for "me" because logically if that weren't the case...why didn't he tell me he needed that drug? He was saying he loved me....for that whole 2 years..When you love someone don't you trust them enough to tell them your deepest secrets?

After I addressed the topic with him he told me why and it made sense...he was molested and I did know that part...and he said that since he was molested he could not have sex with anyone without the medication.

The relationship did last 4 years longer even thou he had ED ..ED was not the issue for breaking up but the fact he didn't tell me until 2 years into the relationship that he had ED started my list of resentments...the fact that he didn't trust me enough or love me enough to trust me to tell me.....