Just following the dreadful news about the earthquake in Nepal. Such awful things happen in this world. Thinking of all those affected and hoping the death toll does not rise.
Same here... but at least it was a "natural" disaster and not a bomb or human-caused one. Still, very sad. I can't help but feel just awful for the people and famillies who have no home to go to now.... sad, indeed.

My granddaughter was in Nepal last year, teaching English in a Buddhist Monastery. She says that the cultural impact of the loss of the temples etc. will have almost as big an impact as the 'quake itself. It is such a big part of their lives. They do not seem to have a national grid for power so, much of the country will also be without electricity for quite some time as it will be diverted to where it is needed most. Fresh water is also a problem at the best of times. It is hard for us to imagine what their lives are like.