I get up in morning and look in mirror. I see a nut. Goofy even. Silly, and cranky, and crazy. I also see just me. I don't mind ever calling myself a nut. I sure like most all here, but will only call myself silly. Tomorrow, if I'm lucky, I will look in mirror again, and say, "Taz, you're a nut." There is some wisdom in this post if you want. Be safe.
You are absolutely right Taz. Each of us are all of those on occasion. I don't mind admitting that I certainly am :lol:
Ivanka Trump’s Baby Bump. She is Ready To Pop. (Just catching up on trash culture. Every so often I need my dose of nausea.) This is Donald's dotta...who he once said he'd date, if she wasn't his dotta.

She was spotted with her husband, Jared Kushner, 35, looking exquisite...what, he was??? ... in a black and white knee-length dress...no, she was...over her adorable baby bump.

Despite being ready to pop...she's been at her daddy's side a lot. Ivanka said, "We need a wall a hundred feet high to keep those Mexican bambinos out. My daddy knows how to fix that Mexican problem."

Donald revealed during a news conference at his estate in Palm Beach that he believes Ivanka could give birth “within the week”...and the little one will most likely be on the campaign trail with them within the next few months.

Now who but a monster would mistreat a wee little baby like that???
Graham1 wrote: Trump is not well liked in Europe but he did show some foresight in a magazine article he wrote a few years ago!

I do not like trump, but he did not say this: www.snopes.com › Fact Check › Politics › Donald Trump
Now I fully understand.
Snopes has been proven wrong many times. To use them and them alone to prove a point is a lesson in futility. I have been asked many times in the past to cross reference a statement made by Snopes as to the truth of that statement. Snopes has failed. I have not looked to see if the statement being made about Trump is true or not. Didn't see the point. Just saw Snopes as the "go to" people for the truth and needed to correct that misguided reference. To prove a point you need more than one source to go to. You need to dig, and cross reference. I hate it when people leave the truth in the hands of others, and just simply believe what they are being told. Feel free in researching my statement.
Thank You Rain.

It is very important that the facts are straight, because if people continue to promote false information on the net,It makes them and others associated with them look just as bad as Trump or even worse for not doing their due diligence.

The net can be very easily manipulated as some of us know. It causes problems and leads to discord between a lot of people.

So bottom line for me is, before you put it out there, so that a lot of people can view it and then agree with it, you better verify that it is true because if that is not done, you look bad and everyone that reads it and agrees with you looks even worse. Always verify your facts and your sources. Remember just because its on the net does not mean it's true.

Just my opinion and by the way I am not a fan of Trump but I am a fan of the truth
I use snope.com as well as Truth or Fiction, what snope said, isn't in Truth or Fiction. So do we believe in Snope.com?


I find that link more reliable then snope.com.
It just goes to show that anything we find online can be subject to question if even the supposed "fact" sites can be proven to be wrong too! If so how can we verify anything? I have noticed that after researching quiz questions in my local library's reference section, some of the answers are disputed by quizzers based on what they have searched online. Are reference books more or less reliable than online searches? It can depend on the source material.
Perhaps this is a case for Miss Information? (or misinformation! :lol: )
In watching a Passionate Eye (CBC) 1-1/2 hr program about the rise of the Donald...and seeing people in the crowds he's been drawing...I suddenly realized...that's The Jerry Springer Show crowd. Same type of people Jerry drew (including the violence, sometimes). Generally abysmal ignorance in his audience; tasteless; nothing was too low for Jerry.

I never watched but one or two of them; I couldn't stand that program. But I wanted to know what it was. I learned: primitive. The Donald Show (whenever he runs his mouth in front of a crowd) is the same type of tasteless, banal and primitive. CBC's excellent documentary on his rise even made me think...degenerate.

Anyone who wonders how Adolf Hitler managed to push fascism on millions of people...Donald Trump is a modern example. Just watch how he operates. He's pretty much a reptile himself, and he works on the reptile - more primitive - part of people's minds.

It's not at all far from Donald Trump and his supporters to the thuggish brownshirts of 1930's Germany...or to the equally disgusting supporters of Benito Mussolini in Italy, same era. Even Donald's strutting reminds me of the arrogant strutting back then...and the descent, to many floors below sanity, on the elevator to Hell.

Men like that can take not only their own country, but many other countries with them. That's history. That's why they're so dangerous.
Well, I've never been on this site before & therefore don't know how y'all reply to posts. Excuse me if I do it incorrectly. I want to thank this gentleman & let him know that he was right to post what he did. It was perfect to describe how as an American I feel about Graham's post. It was insulting & I am so over hearing the lies, half truths & actual real truth, which have be very hard to distinguish between the three, about the situation here in America. The town where the whole thing started is my hometown, Charlottesville, Virginia. How upsetting it was to watch it unfold on a tv almost on the opposite side of the US.!! I had hoped to come here, meet new people, gain knowledge & maybe meet a good man to be friends with. I could happen .....It is late over here, almost 11pm & I am very tired so I have to sign off now. Good nite, my new friends (hopefully)! Lol! Sincerely, Miss Bliss
@heissefeagerin If you are still on here, I bet you are thrilled with the progress of President Trump even with the Obama regime around him trying to block everything he does.

But he has succeeded at so much there is a long list and because the lying media is not reporting any of President Trump's successes, many people who take in all the propaganda, and not know about the truth of it. But, soon, they all will.

The swamp is being cleaned out and is about to do the really big clean out! I don't care what he said in the past that might be the opposite of the way he thinks now. We can all change our minds and be versatile. Why should he be held to something he said previously, especially, when it was before he became President. I'm sure he's learned so much more than he even knew before.

The main thing is, there is not another person strong enough for the job of pulling America back up from where the Bushes, Clinton's and Obama has buried it. They HATE America, but our President LOVES America.

As for Graham talking political, he has every right. The Lefties have been trying to take away our freedom of speech, and other people are self-censoring. If we don't use our free speech, all of us, we shall lose it!