Have started working on my yard and I am doing it the hard way. Or at least it feels that way. I am cutting my grass with a reel lawn mower. It is going to need sharping soon. It seems a little complicated. It is sharpened with a compound, and requires taking it apart in order to turn the gears in the opposite direction. And trimming the edge with grass shears. Since I don't like to apply to many chemicals on my yard I still have dandelions. I have planted some flowers to attract hummingbirds and butterflies. Some of them are doing very well. I have two small flower beds that still needing quite a bit of cleaning up which will need to be done by hand. But looking forward to watching progress.
Hard way is healthier from what I understand. Dandilions can be cut out of the lawn, but dependingn on how deep the roots are.
Have fun, staying fit and healthy.
I don't do things the easy way :D I have a tiny garden and have to grow in containers but I still expect a harvest at the end.
We all learn the hard way, if we didn't then life would be simple. Right?
But machines save so much time! They do this chiefly by breaking down so that we can't use them...